tape decks


Remember tape decks?

I used to have all my tapes in my glove box of my 1975 Honda Civic all neatly organized. And, I know that the cassettes I did have outlasted the Honda which was known for rusting out early. My fenders were well gone by the time I got to owning it.

I’m amazed it passed inspection now that I think of it.

from Wikipedia:

The first generation Honda Civics were notorious for rusting in less than three years from purchase where salt was used in the winter.

Fast-forward to now and forget about 1000 songs in your pocket – there’s now million to choose from.

I kind of miss tapes. I spent hours making mixed tapes from my records and loved the different types of tapes you could buy. I remember ‘metal’ tapes were considered the best, but I think you had to have a tape deck to support them.

I finally donated the last of my cassettes to the goodwill about 2010. It was time to say goodbye

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