Switching to Google Fi from Verizon


There have been a few things in my life where I have zero regrets such as getting married, having a child and my latest:

Switching Phone Plans

I recently switched from Verizon to Google Fi and it’s been one of the better decisions I have made as my mobile phone bill is now half of what it used to be.


What was once a $150.00 bill or more with taxes is now about half that. That’s a seventy dollar plus savings! I was paying for 8GB in Verizon and end up using half that at most so essentialy I was paying Verizon tool much for the serice that I needed.

I could have just downgraded plans to the 4GB but the savings would have been about $15.00 so Google Fi still eded up being the better deal.

I have seen no differnce in quality and because Google Fi wi-fi when it can, my data usage is usually under 3Gb a month.

The best part is that since I switched two months ago I haven’t had a bill because I guess that there’s some promotion where if I switched I would get a credit. I have no ieaa what the credit is for or for how long but I will find out eventually.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying not having to deal with Verizon any more. Verizon is good, but they are pricey and I don’t need the coverage for remote places which is probably better on Verizon but again, I would be paying for a service I do not use.

I’m glad I switched to Google Fi.