Our Very First Swimming Lessons


We had our first swim lesson today, and it was a big event for both Espy and I let me tell you. :)

You see, she had not swam ever(besides in the womb) and yours truly can’t swim at all and it’s been some time since I’ve been in the womb and I would have forgotten by now anyway..All this to say that this was very big day for us both.

I need to say that before I go any further that this was BW’s idea to have our daughter learn to swim. It’s a good idea and I have no argument there but I did not think that it would be me in the pool with our daughter.

I had assumed that swimming lessons would be like ballet lessons: you drop off your kid for half an hour and go to Starbucks, but nooooo.. as I learned when I called, a parent had to be there with her when she learns to swim. Now that I think of it, it makes sense, but there goes my starbucks run as it seems I will be in the pool.

In the Beginning..

Back when the wee one was just an idea, the deal with BW was that she would be the one to take the kiddo to swim lessons because yours truly doesn’t swim.

But. (there’s always a but)

As the primary caregiver it seems I am in charge of this task because..

  1. I’m not working
  2. BW said so

So off I went to Target to find a new swimsuit. It’s white and blue and it was half price because there’s not a lot of demand for a swimsuit in October it seeems.

With Child, Swimsuits and a fair bit of apprehension, off we went to the swim class. For the first lesson, BW came along becuase she wanted to see how she did but from now on it’s just me and my little amigo. Every Wed at 4:30, we will both be in the pool.

It wasn’t all that bad. BW got a photo of us both in the pool but there’s no way a photo of me shirtless is going on the internet. You can thank me later.

As far as the lessons went, Espy did great. She was dunked more than once with no complaints and had a great time the entire half an hour. The instructors and staff are great and patient and seem to know what they are talking about and share the intended result should be with whatever exercise they are doing.

All in All it was a good time, and we both did better than expected. I though it would be Espy who had the meltdown in the pool and BW thought it would be me. :)

Turns out we were both wrong.

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