Summer's Satorial Choices

Now that summertime is here, I get to make excellent satorial choices like the one above. It could be worse - it  could be sandals with the socks.

When B and I were first courting I tried to please my wife-to-be and wear sandals, because I don’t  know what it is with you ladies, but you like to be barefoot once the warm weather hits, but I  just can’t get used to sandals.

Personally, I  could live in the boots above 365. (or, maybe a nicer pair without paint splatters)

Over the course of eleven years of working from home and getting married I have become very lax in my wardrobe. There was a time I owned  a clothing store ( a story for another day) and yet now I toss on a clean t-shirt and a pair of jeans  and call it a day. I bet it’s due in part to getting older. Frankly, I just don’t care anymore whether I have a polo player on my shirt. I just need to dress relatively fashionable and be clean. Also, guys do have it  much easier I know when it  comes to choosing what to wear this summer.

You ladies have to dress nicely every day.

For example:

Look at the latest in summer wear for 2012 for women in the know. I hadn’t realized that neon was back in style already. ?  (I am in so much trouble for this - famiy members - please call to check on my health after posting this. These burgers could very well have been my last supper.)

As you can see, B and I are meant for each other. Our sense of style is impeccable. But enough of that..

Summer is Here!

When you’re done admiring my freshly painted deck  you want to  draw your eye to the burgers on the grill. Does anything  say summer more than a barbeque? Well, maybe this  but for yours truly I can’t drink so does not apply.

But, boy does it feel good to be able to turn the air conditioning on and yet at the same time it’s great to pop outside and feel the wall of heat that hits you as soon as you step outside.  After a very long and cold Buffalo winter (actually,  it wasn’t bad at all to be honest) it’s nice to spend more time outside than in  -  enjoying the warm summer weather.

We went out this evening for example, to water the plants and before you can say ‘tidy husband’, B had me pulling weeds and raking and stuff. I used to loathe gardening, but it seems that as my fashion sense improves so does my tolerance for outdoor work. I think it’s because we’re both invested in the project - whether it’s weeding or our upcoming water heater, each and every thing we do together improves our home and moves the needle forward just a tad every time we take on a task together.

Besides,  it’s great fun spending time with your wife outside in the sunshine. I hope you enjoyed the longest day of the year today and we get very little of this:

Tomorrow, it starts getting darker, enjoy the warmer weather while you can.