Summer Flower Project 2012

The Goal:

Have a nice looking front Garden this summer.

The Challenge:

Neither of us have a clue of what we’re doing, so what we did what any adult would do in  this situation:** We asked the neighbour kid.  **

I shouldn’t say kid I suppose - he’s 20-ish and the gardener in the family across the street. Last year we were out front on a sunny day and B was wondering what to do with her front garden and he came over with some seeds. We sprinkled them on top of the dirt (being the excellent gardeners that we are) and  wouldn’t you know it the flowers that resulted bloomed so tall you couldn’t  even see the basement windows as below:


We are hoping for the same in 2012, and I thought it would be fun to document the results this year. I’m having a bit of fun with this site, and now that I live in the USA -  all my gear is here too so I thought it would be fun. If nothing else,it  gets me outside.


These flowers didn’t get the memo that they were not supposed to come back  - but as you can see, they did.

And as luck would have it, the seeds we planted last year have continued to grow this year even though they’re supposed to be annuals and not perennials. I hope I got that right - what I’m trying to say is that this wasn’t supposed to happen.

Still, we **need more flowers **so back across the street we go to ask “what were those flowers we had last year”? (told ya, we’re expert gardeners) and we found out they were Zinnia flowers, and  that we needed to just buy more seeds and they’re cheap at about $8 for a lb of flowers seeds.

But, because this is the USA and you can buy anything and everything you can think of online we found 500 Zinnia seeds for 2 bucks on eBay and planted them (ie: toss them on the dirt and hoped)  today. Time will tell whether we’re successful but I find  it funny that B needs more seeds. Somehow, 500 isn’t enough.

It’s funny learning what makes your spouse happy, and guys - buy her seeds. They’re cheap and she was thrilled to bits about the possibility of flowers. Personally, If our cash flow were better, I’d be just  as happy outsourcing the  whole event  to Bob’s landscaping or some flower guy and be done or even just put some rocks ou there or whatever - but nope - we plant 2 bucks of seeds and she’s dancing around like there’s diamonds in the soles of her shoes.

These sprouts were not supposed to happen. We thought for sure we would have to re-plant but these little  guys are starting to show promise:

I also found  some other flowers in the lawn that we had not intended to plant but somehow they pop up every year too. I am informed that these are not flowers, but  some kind  of  weed and that these are not pretty. I’m not saying that I want my entire yard filled with these (oops, too late)  but I still think they look nice:

In summary, this means I now have a new summer hobby that’s called ‘water the flowers’ and I’m OK with that because it’s nice out in the summer and you never know - the ice cream truck might drive by :).

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