Summer 2012 Backyard Garden Update.

Now that summer is officially here, I thought I’d better update all four readers  on how our garden is growing. And I am very happy to report that things are coming along quite nicely, with a few exceptions. If you’re new here you can read all about our first foray into growing a garden here, and if you’re a regular reader well, you know what we’ve been up to.

We haven’t done much as far as garden upkeep except hope it works and so far, it has:

Beans are coming along actual sign of a bean yet, though

I have no idea when beets will be ready as they’re a root vegetable, but we’re growing some pretty awesome beet tops if nothing else.

Carrots, on the other hand seem to be taking their sweet time and the beans and beats are far out weighing the carrots so far. It looks like we may actually see a carrot this summer, but I don’t think there will be many.

The melons are the saddest looking of the bunch, but B tells me that these take some time and won’t be ready until later in the summer.

Tomatoes are the big surprise here in gardening central, as our tomato plant started to look pretty sickly early on and then got uprooted in a thunderstorm so we thought that was the end of the tomato plant, but apparently we were wrong  as we not only have this big one starting to show promise..

There’s also a few others starting to show some signs of life as well.

Honestly I am amazed that we’ve gotten this far in about a month’s time since we started our summer 2012 garden project and I really did not have high hopes for this as the soil here is far from perfect garden growing, but apparently nature thinks otherwise and  will reward us with our efforts it seem.

And what is even more amazing in our gardening project is that the dog has kept her nose out of  it.  We thought for sure she would be in thee rooting around but she seems to care less and knows to keep away.