Starting Over

As you can see from the date of the previous post, it’s been awhile since I have written here, and I hope to start writing more regularly.

But I have been thinking about what I want ramseeker to be for the next 20 years and now that it’s close to 20 years since I launched this site I have been thinking about what’s next for ramseeker.

ramseeker started as a hobby site and it’s come full circle and is indeed a hobby site again and I’ve tried some stuff in recent years and months as I try to figure out what direction I want this site to head.

And that’s the problem: I have no idea.

When I started this site I had no idea I would be tracking prices of memory but I ended up doing that for more than a decade and helped a lot of people - both vendors and users.

But thanks to the iPhone, and the MacBook Air for starting a trend of memory upgrades that are not user-replaceable there’s not a whole lot of demand for ram prices unless you’re looking to buy ram for legacy macs. Any computer you’ve been using lately has probably not needed a ram upgrade or will do with the amount of ram it already has.

Heck, I’m writing this on a Chromebook with 4GB of RAM and that’s more than enough.

So here I am.

One thought would be to write about every mac and it’s specifications but that’s been done and much better than I ever could. I thought about writing about ram upgrades for every PC but I think I would rather shoot me. Besides, computer memory sales I would guess is for the for the hobbyist or somebody trying to squeeze a lot out of their mac.

This is a hobby site now and one thing that a hobby site needs to be is fun . Back in the late 90’s and early 00’s tracking ram prices (and learning html) was fun. It was exciting times to watch technology march on so fast as ram got bigger in capacity and yet cheaper at the same time.

But now a couple hundred bucks will get you a pretty good computer for most everyday users and writing about tech and apple has been done to death and to be honest I am not all that interested in writing about every software release or new Mac or mobile device. I’ve never been a deal site or news site and I have no urgency to start now.

So I have decided I will start to write about what I want. I doubt I will write about what I had for lunch (there’s twitter for that) but this site needs to be fun for me if I need to continue on with it in any shape or form. If I had to guess it will more than likely be tech-related still.

I’m also hoping that by just writing more regularly something will rise up to the top that I will recognize that it’s a topic I want to explore more. It happened before with ram prices. I just stumbled into them over time so perhaps it will happen again.

And if not, then at least I will have fun trying.

If you’re looking for RAM prices you can find them here

Thanks for reading.