Stag Night

It’s just the Dog and I holding down the fort once again as BW is off conferencing in Washington with her peers

As always, BW was ready at the last minute, but she always seems to make it out the door, much to my surprise. And she looked very nice in her new Christmas coat and scarf.

This morning wasn’t without its challenges though as her printer ran out of ink a half an hour before departure. Luckily, I plan for these disasters and had some refills ready on standby

You would think that with 2 days off and no wife it would be all naps on the couch and potato chips and binge watching netflix but I have my instructions:

“Make sure the house is all clean when I return” (BW, when has it NOT been clean? See site title for hints)

“When you pick me up at the airport bring me flowers too”

After dropping BW off, I came home and started cleaning - the Dog and I like living indoors. We have our orders.

I also started what I hope is the last thing I have to finish with our big basement makeover: removing the paint from the banister hardware so I can put the banister back up in the stairway (big ‘reveal’ post to come soon)

Google said to boil the hardware and the paint should flake right off. I bought a 8 dollar pot at the dollar store and gave it a shot:

And with a bit of boiling and help from a wire brush - it worked! Go figure.

Lastly…I bought this today in case we get snowed in:

Don’t worry about us BW - we will be fine.

Love, the dog and TH.