Squiqz Starter Set

Holy smokes I didn’t realize that these were close to $25.00. These were a gift so I don’t really price check all the gifts she gets but there you go.


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Anyway, back to the squigz. There’s also a bigger pack that of course costs more and has 50 pieces, but as somebody that has to pick up all these things I’m okay with the 25 set.

These are actually fun. When she got them at Christmas, of course every adult had to see if they stick to their forehead (they do) so I guess it’s just a matter of time until she does the same.

The box says choking hazard for under 3 and I suppose it could happen but these things are pretty big and I keep an eye on her constantly anyway, but you have been warned.

The small ones with the balls on the end are the best because at her age they are more chew toys than toys that actualy get played with but she does like when I put them all back into the container so she can pull them all out again and toss them over the carpet.

These are up there as one of the toys that don’t suck and I can recommend this toy as one of our favorites so far.

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