So Cold

I counted.

I wore five jackets, 2 sweatshirts and one t-shirt to work today - all at the same time. And not once did I get so hot that I had to shed clothing.

Some of the cars I was in had frost on the inside of the dashboards it was so cold. If you ran the cars through the wash then as soon as the car got out it would ice over. It was not a nice day to work outside. I have heat in my little studio, but still…

The door to my little photo studio was frozen shut.


Meanwhile, at home…there was a lot of this going on by the looks of it.


This dog has a electric pad that’s heated so she has a heated bed. I moved her heating pad downstairs before I left for work but I guess one cannot resist the comfort of the couch by the looks of the cushion shrapnel on the ground when I came home.

As I write this there’s snoring from across the room so I guess we’ve both had a hard day and we’re thankful there’s a couch at the end of it

Stay Warm,

TH and Friend.