Everybody who’s been quoted in the New York Times put their hand up!


I know my hand didn’t go up that’s for sure, unless they’ve really loosened their editorial standards:

**"In the news tonight: Canadian drinks 100 cups of coffee while sitting in his underwear blogging"** > >

(my apologies  for the mental image)

But there’s one in the family who did earn that honor and that would go to (no, not the dog - that really would make headlines) my beautiful wife.

You see, she’s a bit of an expert, and I don’t mean around the house -  any guy that’s been married for more than twenty minutes knows that it is she who is always right. 

But out in the real world, where real stuff happens like, outside - my beautiful wife has built her name up as knowing a thing or two about a thing or two about a very specific topic, so when the shit hit the fan in an area of the world that she knows a whole lot about, the phone rings and it’s the New York Times on the other end of the line.

Truth be told, I didn’t pay much attention when the phone rang - she’s a busy woman - her phone rings. And then a few minutes later she walks in and say “I just got interviewed by the New York Times!”. Soo.. of course we visit the website throughout the day and find that they spelled her name right and the quote was a goodie too. All good. Happy Happy Happy.

The next day, I suggest we go out and grab a couple copies for clips and so we hit the local grocery strore and sure enough she made the Times print edition too

It’s been busy this week, but I just wanted to let the whole world know how proud I am of my wife. 

Other News: 

Somehow, hell froze over when  I wasn’t paying attention.

Earlier this week, my wife’s crappy Dell was starting to act up needing reboot after reboot after reboot. Sat a.m. was the last straw for B when the thing just hung there.  So, she needs a new PC.

I happen to have a six month old notebook with a fast processor, solid state hard drive and the best part:** It’s paid for!** I have it currently running Ubuntu because I’m not a windows fan and this is a free operating system . My suggestion was to take the notebook I hardly use, toss a fresh copy of Windows on it and ta-da! For about $100 we’ve got a new notebook  for her.

My other suggestion was just to buy a new notebook on sale.

And then she said the things I thought I would never hear in my entire married life:  ” You can buy more speakers” ” I want to Buy a Mac”.

This is coming from the woman who** swore up and down that there’s no way she’d buy a Mac** as they’re more expensive and PC’s are perfectly fine yada yada yada. We’ve all fought the Mac/PC war at some point dear readers, so I don’t want to get into a big discussion on what is better, but I thought for sure I never thought those words come out of her  mouth.

She wanted to buzz right over to the Apple Store and buy a Mac Mini.  But I had a few problems with this idea:

It’s Saturday afternoon

On a Canadian Long weekend (Happy Canada Day!)  ?

At the Apple Store

In the area’s biggest mall.

Oh, the throngs of people, the parking, the waiting all so we can buy a box. I was not thrilled with the idea.

So what to do? We went to Best Buy instead. Not only did we just have to drive over to the suburbs which are much closer, they had the Mac Mini in stock  and on sale. We got the Mac Mini for about $30.00 less than what the Apple Store charges for the same thing. (Hey, maybe there’s hope for me yet - I am kindof smart. Cheap, if  nothing else)

Now we have a new Mac user in the household.  There’s a bit of a learning curve for sure, and I installed more RAM as she was not pleased with the performance out of  the box and we all know - happy wife, so luckily I had some larger memory modules kicking around here in a drawer.  I think she’s getting to like her brand new Mac Mini.

The Mac Mini cost us $577 plus tax.

We already had 2 extra monitors, all the cables and keyboard ready so this was the entire cost for a brand new Mac and it’s the cheapest Mac you can buy. (How we’re paying for this I have no idea, but the purchasing dept tells me we can do this, so I go with the flow.)

The Takeaway:  Just when you think you’ve got this married stuff all figured out - they throw you a curveball.

To all my Canadian readers (Hi Dad!), I want to wish everybody a happy Canada Day weekend. Hope you have a good one.