Six Years

“Where’s my tidy husband post?” asked BW

“You can’t rush art”, I replied.

And so goes yet another day of married life with BW telling me what to do.

Today is special - or **at least a little bit different **because today we also get to celebrate our sixth anniversary of married bliss.

As a good husband does (and one who wants to continue to live indoors) I bought BW flowers (she told me to) but I also bought/made her a little photo book of all our selfies we took together over the years. I think my favorite of the bunch is this one:

But there’s lots others in the book too. I even included one of me and the dog:

Because apparently when I got hitched, it came with conditions: The dog came first - she is staying so I have learned to deal.

We’re good team BW and I. Despite the fact that I give her a hard time here she really is the best thing that ever happened to me. (I’m still not sure about the dog)

Some say the wedding day is the party. But I disagree - it’s all the days after that is where the fun is.

Happy Anniversary BW.

Love, TH (and the dog)