Sites I Like: Low End Mac

Low  End  Mac  was one of the very first sites I ever came across way back when,  and has been a favorite ever since and you will find that this is a very useful resource for the Apple community.

It’s especially fun to check out their Mac of the Day feature and see how the older Apple computers have aged.  There are other sites that highlight older computers, but like the name suggests Low End Mac does this very well and has information you can’t get or find any more for the older Apple computers.

They offer technical specs to pretty much every mac you can think of  which can be handy when you need to know how much ram  your older mac can  take for an example. :) .  Also be sure to check out the articles for some great stuff on how to get the most of your older Mac.

I think that even more so now than in the past  – despite all the hoopla about the latest and greatest computers like the new MacBook, etc – you can still get very good mileage out of some older computers. Personally, I have posted blog posts for this site from a ten year old PowerBook G4 so  I’m a fan of Low End  Mac, (as well as being cheap) :)

There are a lot of resources on the web about new macs and all the rumors and headlines, but Low End Mac is one  of the  few sites to help you be happy with what you’ve got.

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