Silica Gel. Do Not Eat


Or… wash in the washing machine.

Good Lord, what a mess

BW is in the hospital again. (that in itself is an entirely different story) and as a treat she bought herself some pregnancy PJ’s as a bit of treat and as well she needed another pair anyway. So they arrived today and when they did I tossed them in the wash before she wore them for the first time because nobody likes to wear crunchy new pajamas.

This is where the fun starts. I went to’flip’ them into the dryer and when i pulled the clothes out I thought “what the heck?”

It seems I missed one of those little silica gel tablets they put in new stuff. They usually just put them in shoes and the like, so I really hadn’t thought that there would be one in a pair of pyjamas.

I was wrong. I tried just drying the clothes in the dryer anyway thinking that when it was dry that the ‘gel’ would just collect in the lint trap and I would be able to just clean the lint trap when done, but nope.

I had to run the washing machine empty for a load to get all the gel out of the washer and the dryer was even a bigger mess. It had the gel everywhere. It was a weird consistency too – it wasn’t solid yet it wasn’t liquid either. In the end it took about half an hour to wipe and vacuum out the dryer and then another hour or so to re-wash the load of laundry.

Today’s public service announcement is to check pockets before you toss stuff in the washing machine – even with new clothes – because you never know what might be missed.

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