Shutters, Soup, Strolls and Scoops

I’m on the soup diet. Also, the antibiotics and pain killer diet. Also: I’m missing a tooth.

Soup Diet

This was a planned event, this toothless-ness and long-term, this is all for the better so all’s well that ends well.

A few tooth extraction notes: All things considered, it wasn’t all that bad to have a tooth yanked out of your head. Not that it was like a Saturday afternoon with my lottery winnings in my back pocket at a speaker store, but with the help of modern medicine and more importantly, a patient wife -  she’s had to put up with my sorry toothless-nes. She still loves me even though I now feel I could act in the next episode of the Beverly HillBillies.

Enough crying in my soup - we had a great few days even with the dental trip.

First up: Ice Cream! 


On Sunday Night, we went to Lockport for Ice Cream! Lockport is about half an hour away from us and even though BW has lived here for five years she hadn’t been there. This goes to prove one thing: We’re meant for each other ! We don’t stray away from home much if left to our druthers.

Soo.. I had vanilla (plain, boring and predictable) and BW had some whiskey and brown sugar concoction. Afterwards we wandered around Lockport a bit and looked at the..wait for it..Locks!




New Shutters! 

The big news here is that the front of our house has a new look thanks to Tim the Handyman ( Hey, I blog  - she can’t have it all) and despite the fact that these have been sitting in our freshly painted garage for a week, they are now up and installed and look great.

Goodbye salmon colored shutters and hello to a more classic black:





We Walked In The Woods 

Sunday Night, on the eve of my much dreaded tooth yank, we walked off my final steak dinner for a while and went exploring the island. Who knew there was so much fun in our own backyard?




Fresh Biscuits!


Lastly, due to my soup diet I am on the lookout for softer foods for the next few days - what could be better than fresh baked biscuits by yours truly?

What a week so far. Thank goodness BW took good care of me and went to the Wegmans and bought me lots and lots of soup. I’m a lucky guy, tooth or no tooth.