Shut Your Pie Hole

My Just a quick one today, because: friday night and zzzzzz tired.

The good news is my pi-hole cup arrived:


The bad news is that BW made me take down the service as it was blocking her ads and she was getting **pissed off **without reliable internet so earlier this week I disabled it and now all is working and I should probably leave well enough alone because : happy wife = happy life.

But the nerd in me really wants to have this but BW won’t let me. She has put her foot down.

So I started to google and sure enough there’s a way to do so where my computers don’t see the ads and hers does. I told her about this and she asked where did I find out about this?

I turns out, I’m not the only guy with a pissed off wife and a pi-hole.

There might be hope for me yet. Or, maybe I will just shut my pi(e)-hole and keep married.

Sigh, choices.