Shut In


I was afraid of this. What happens when life, is just - life? Do you keep the world up to date (okay, six readers)   with the daily updates about all the lint you found in the dryer and how many loads of laundry you did and that you bought new underpants at Target? Or do you wait until something else interesting happens?

Compared to weeks where we’ve had boxes on our heads, this week pales by comparison - even if I did get some new skivvies and bought a new wide angle lens on eBay.

Anyhoo… other news:

It’s August 1, so that means** it’s a holiday weekend**!  Oh, what’s that? Only in Canada you say? I should figure as much considering that here in the good ‘ol USA it’s all about the dollar. We Canucks, we like our weekends long and often. Here, we’ve got to wait until labor day. It figures the next US holiday is about working.

Because it’s summertime, we leave the door open. Great for a breeze but, cause the dog constantly barks at every kid biking by or dog walker it makes for a long hot summer. I know this is normal but, still. drives. me. crazy. 

And speaking of drives me crazy, we went to Home Depot the other night. I am learning that BW and I are far different when it comes to planning. Take for example, Monday night: BW wants shutters for the house and calls our handyman to come install them. He says, the best way to install them is for us to go buy them at Home Depot and then he’ll install them. This conversation happend at 8pm.  Want to know where BW wanted to go at 8:05pm? Yah, you got it.

I tried, in vain to explain that:

a. buying new shutters at 8pm is not an emergency.  A heart attack is  (that’s what she’s giving me) 

b. our handyman is handy, but he’s not the fastest in response time. even if we got the shutters right away,  they still wouldn’t be installed for a few days - so what’s the rush? You know the saying.. you can  have good or fast? He’s the first one.

c. At 8pm, I’m starting to unwind. I’ve been up since 5, walked the dog, did umpteen loads of laundry, took the garbage out , cleaned the bathroom, and sundry other duties and in the late evening I’m thinking about reading a book with a cup of tea, and not shop for window decorations.

Our new shutters are black and waiting in the garage for the handyman to install them. We finally have house numbers too. And paint to paint the garage floor this coming weekend. I didn’t get home until 10pm!

No boxes on heads, new flower gardens or painting the last few days - just some time to relax and go for a stroll or hang out in the basement where it’s cooler.

Hope you’re doing the same (and staying away from Home Depot  - it’s expensive!)


PS. See that flower? We have an entire front garden full of ‘em. We bought the seeds on eBay.