Shuffling in Buffalo

Today started off fairly well.  Dog out, coffee, etc. checked my world online and so on.

And then when I went to take the dog for a walk today, I pushed the door  to open and the dog bounces out as the garage door still opens and I do the same, but as  I bent over to duck the door I felt it: my back going out.

I thought maybe I lucked out and just tweaked things a bit but I realized when I went to straighten  up again that no, I’m screwed. Also  - this  hurts!

Now I know  it’s just a pulled muscle and  a few days from now this  will be nothing but  a bad memory but holy, does back pain hurt. I’ve got a heating pad on full blast as  I type  this and  am full of advil. Better, but not out of the woods.

This brings me to my next observation:  I only do this doing stupid stuff. I don’t do it as  I get the game winning touchdown or save a baby from a burning car (god forbid). Probably because I don’t do those things but from memory here’s how I’ve pulled my back out to date:

garage door ducking.

sitting down on the couch.

reaching for the remote on the coffee table.

Also, in Canada we have some fantastic back pain medicine (fancy aspirin) that you can’t get here. If I weren’t still radioactive I’d go over and buy some. But, in the meantime I have a doctor appointment for a followup for my heart attack  that wasn’t  and  BW tells me she’s pretty liberal with that prescription pad so here’s hoping  I come home with something higher octane than the tylenol we have here now.

That’s the update  for the day here in husbandville.  I feel like Tim Conway shuffling around the house today:

Now, if I could only train thedog to go get me a drink…

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