Should You Buy New Memory?

The answer, is yes.

The answer also is : Max out the memory on your computer with new memory. You’ll get the best performance boost that** offers more bang for dollar spent than any other upgrade you could make on your computer. Most new software (excepting freeware, shareware, or um, borrowed software) costs way more than a **new memory upgrade would cost, yet the new ram upgrade offers performance enahancements that are usually unprecedented  and will also allow you to use your** new ram to speed up your computer**. Once you’ve **added memory to your desktop or notebook computer **you will find that the new fancy software that you bought will run faster than before you added the memory.

Best Selling Memory Card Today

Used Memory, I suppose ten years ago wasn’t as bad an idea as** memory prices for both desktop and notebook computers were much much higher** on average. Now you can get a new notebook and ** fill it with memory** for under $500 in most cases and the** performance adavantages will be higher than what used memory could be. Unless you’re a hobbyist, and are tinkering with a project where even new memory is too much money to spend, than you can search ebay/craigslist, etc for used memory. But it’s my opinion that new memory is really the only way to go **unless you’re really on a tight budget and can spend the time and make the effort for used memory. But even then, the used memory doesn’t come with any support usually.

For me, it’s new memory or not at all.

For new computers, Apple or PC. and except for the odd few configurations (8gb for the iMacs seems to be a little on the high prices, but prices are dropping) I suggest maxing out your new computer purchase right at the beginning when the computer is still new and offers the best return on your money, that’s the time you want add new memory to your Mac or PC I would think.

I’m writing this on a year-old plus MacBook Pro and I upgraded the memory and replaced the factory ram with new memory at a total cost of $100 to fill my MacBook with new ram. Over the year, this works out to a cost of  .27 cents per day for my new memory.

Some might argue that I’m biased as I track and monitor the new memory prices but it’s really hard to argue with an upgrade that costs on average  less than a quarter per day.