Should I Upgrade Memory On My MacBook Pro?

Oh good grief, YES you should.  

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I never really understood why this question even needed to be asked. I mean when you consider the price you pay for even the cheapest MacBook Pro and then compare the cost of a RAM upgrade it makes no sense to me why when you buy a MacBook Pro you wouldn’t increase the MacBook Pro’s ram at the same time.

The Price of MacBook Pro Memory 

An example. Let’s say you’re waiting for the new MacBook Pro to be released but you can’t wait – you need to buy a MacBook Pro today, so you go shopping for a deal and you find one.  You manage to save almost $80 on a brand new Apple MacBook Pro. This means that compared to walking into the  Apple Store you shopped online, found a better deal on a MacBook Pro than you could  have got from Apple and you probably even qualified for free shipping too.

This leaves you with $79.00 in savings to do what with? Buy RAM for your MacBook Pro ! At the time I write this it costs about  $40 or so for 8GB of RAM and if you shop around for 16GB  you can get that too for not much more. But, for  the sake of this article we’ll stick with the 8GB as this doubles your RAM without terminating  your warranty. Apple currently only supports 8GB of RAM on the  MBP’s so we’ll stop there for now.

This leaves you with another $30 to buy a MacBook Pro  stand or  a small MacBook Pro case for you  new laptop.

Oh, the bonus is that you have  enough RAM to do  other stuff  with. I’m writing  this on a 2011 Apple Mac Mini  (a birthday pressent)  and the very first thing I did  was upgrade my RAM. I’ve got a few windows open and iTunes running and I am  using over the 4GB the Mac Mini already shipped with.

What  happens when you don’t have enough memory? You use swap disk space  which is exponentially  slower and slows your system down considerably   – so  much  so that any speed  benefit you thought you may  have by buying a fast MacBook Pro could be negated when the swap disk kicks in.

MacBook Pro ram is not the cheapest it’s ever been, but close (It was down close to $30 for 8GB earlier this year), but even at the slightly  higher ram prices for Apple MacBook Pro,  upgrading  the RAM is the biggest bargain in computing today.

Here’s a few ram prices  for you to check out:

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