Shopping for a Good Deal on a MacBook

When shopping for the **best MacBook deal **one might assume that you would get the lowest price on a MacBook (and MacBook accessories, for that matter) directly from the the mother ship itself: Apple.

But that’s not the case and if you shop around for a MacBook you can get a pretty good price. Gone are the days where we could just buy, buy, buy and barely look at the price of Apple computers and if you’re in the market to buy a MacBook which is the budget notebook from Apple there’s a good chance you have a budget for this new MacBook purchase and you can only spend so much money on Apple’s consumer portable.

**MacBook Deals at Apple


One of the first places I check for MacBook deals is Apple. Then you know exactly how much a MacBook would cost when you buy it from the Apple Store.

We’re going to assume you’re shopping for a brand new MacBook and if you’re in the market for a used MacBook which are still viable machines, a good place to start shopping for used MacBook deals are eBay and Craigslist where you can with some time effort and patience get a great deal on a used MacBook but you have to be much more aware of scams and dishonest sellers than if you were to buy a new MacBook from an Apple Authorized dealer.

**MacBook Deals at Amazon


One of the first places I check for Apple MacBooks at better prices than Apple is Amazon. The savings may not be much (usually just a few percent) but the benefit of Amazon is they offer bundles for greater savings on MacBook Accesories

An example would be like this Apple MacBook Bundle:

Buy the Apple MacBook 13 inch, add AppleCare and Microsoft Office Mac for Home and Student and you get a much better deal on the these three items than if you had bought them individually. The savings on the MacBook alone is worth it as the final price is much closer to $900 than the $999 MSRP from Apple.

**MacMall MacBook Bundles


MacMall has long been another favorite of mine when in the market for a new Apple computer as this online Apple store usually has some really good deals on MacBooks that you can’t beat as their approach is a bit different when pricing MacBooks. Instead of creating bundles as is popular when you buy a MacBook from Amazon, MacMall tends to compete by offering a lot of free MacBook accessories such as printers, mice and software to sweeten the MacBook deal. Or sometimes they just offer the MacBook for much less than the Apple Store would charge. A **$935.00 MacBook Price **is much better than a $999 MacBook Price in my books. That’s a $65 saving for buying the exact same item and a much better MacBook deal overall.