Shopping Advice: Buy Memory Online and Save Money

If theres’s one theme to it’s the fact that with a few minutes of research on ram prices it’s quite possible to save up to 40% off when buying RAM when you compare the ram prices between third party memory stores like MemoryX, 18004Memory, OWC and recently, Crucial Technology all offer much better and competitive pricing on memory upgrades than if you were to buy ram direct from the computer manufacturer such as Apple,  Dell, HP and so on…

The only reason I can think of why you might want to buy ram direct from the manufacturer of your computer is if  you were to configure the memory upgrade at the same time you bought your computer. You’ll pay for the convenience of doing so, but the benefit of doing this is you eliminate the cost and hassle of having to buy memory online and then installing the memory upgrade in your computer yourself. The downside of ordering or shopping for memory at the same time as buying your computer is the cost. You will pay more for memory. What you may gain in time and convenience, you will lose from your pocketbook.

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If you’re like me and you want to buy quality memory upgrades at a better price that are still manufactured to the same exacting standards that the manufacturers demand for the memory upgrades that are compatible with  their specific computer models but without the high cost of memory that’s in most instances associated with buying ram direct from the manufacturer.

The solution to saving money when buying ram online is to buy ram from a trusted third party memory store. A memory store that except for a few rare cases, manufactures the memory they sell and offer the support and guarantee of the manufacturer branded memory upgrade, but without the high cost associated with the factory ram. When you compare ram prices and shop around for memory upgrades online you can save up to 40% off ram upgrades and buy memory that’s easy to install yourself but for much lesss money

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