She Wants To Buy a Mazda CX-5

“Jimmy, come here” !

I think I’m going to change my name to this eventually, it would just be easier.

A few weeks ago, I was I dunno where, but out. And my phone rings (maybe I should change the ringtone to “Jimmy come here”) Anyway, I was out and about and when B called and said “ I  found our next car!!”. I’ll save you the suspense. It’s this:


The Mazda CX-5

You’ll note the democratic process that proceeded  getting to the dealer to check out the car. We scoured the best car websites, weighed pros and cons, measured wheelbases vs storage space vs mileage of other competing cars in this class and  so on…

No, wait.  This is how I would shop for a car and I shop for other things this way like her big honkin’ engagement ring, which she didn’t seem to mind my particular shopping skills then thankyouverymuch.

But, With B, things just get decided. “We’re getting this one. It’s new and has a good motor. Also, there’s  room for the dog.

Tire Kicking, We Go.

B has, in her pretty little brain - connected the dots that because the air conditioning on our current car is toast, that means the car is dead and must be replaced tout de suite. In reality, it just means that we’re not going to cough up the  dough for a repair, roll down the windows and enjoy the summer breeze.

I will be honest. This is not the car I would buy. It’s OK I suppose, and  seats 4 and a dog and has all the other amenities such as all wheel drive and sunroof, etc. But, I dunno - it feels like it has an identity crisis and doesn’t know whether it needs to be a SUV, a wagon or a Ford Focus.

But, the price is right and at present I don’t drive enough to get all hot and bothered about car selection.  It’s all about do what she says compromise, this being married stuff I am learning.

B likes the Mazda because of the agressive design and I guess this is the way a lot of cars are going, to a ‘sport cute’, if you will:

I’d prefer either an SUV or something else, but I’m told by the resident car expert  that the motor and the mileage is what makes this  little number sing, and with 4 dollars plus for a gallon of gas,I guess an SUV would  not be the most  prudent purchase. Besides, this is all pie in the sky right now anyway as there’s oh,** 24,0000 reasons why this car is still on the lot** and not in our driveway:

The mileage, at 29MPG is pretty good.

Also, I am told with this car, it’s all about the motor. I could care less as long as it has one, and it starts reliably (which our current car does now) but again -  according to the resident car expert the SkyActive motor  is where it’s at:

I’m sure this is just marketing, and truth be told I’m more impressed with the

turn signal lights on the rear view mirrors and the

aluminum  alloy wheels on the Mazda C-X5

The  debate is still ongoing about whether we need sunroof  or  all wheel drive. We are in buffalo after all,so the four wheels actually producing power  could come in handy in the winter months.  We have some other  fiscal priorities that rank higher than a new car because  our current car, despite the complaints by the purchasing dept is a fine car that has loads of miles on it already.

My suggestion is to wait until we absolutely have to buy a new car, but who wants to bet sooner than later I’ll have a post here titled : We Bought a New Car ?

But, for now, the Mazda CX-5 is the top choice here according to those in the know.

Zoom, Zoom.