Sell Your MacBook Memory

Did you know that to offset costs of a memory upgrade you could sell your old memory? This makes sure that when you replace the old ram with the new ram, regardless of computer make or model, that your ram upgrade will cost less and it doesn’t matter what computer you have. You can sell your memory and the result is a cheaper upgrade for you over all.

Now with the MacBook (or MacBook Pro too) you should definitely be interested in this as it lets you recoup at least some value from the factory ram that you paid apple for (and probably too much too, but that’s an article for another day) when you’re ready to upgrade your MacBook RAM. And all you have to do is sell your MacBook Memory to a reputable memory store.

Some places like Crucial don’t want to buy back your old MacBook RAM, they just want to sell you new ram at new prices but some of the other online stores will happily buy back your old RAM. What do they do with it? I’m going to guess some vendors re-use parts as RAM is really (and I’m no expert in ram manufacturing so bear with me) but RAM modules usually have more than one chip soldered to the memory board which might be of use to make bigger ram chips or otherwise re-use your ram.

But we’re concerned today with where to sell your MacBook Memory to, because otherwise you’ll just toss it into a junk drawer on your desk, or sell it for pennies on ebay or craigslist and when you do that you get all the fun that comes with being a private seller. But when you sell it to an authorized ram dealer, you get a fair value and you also get a better deal on your new ram effectively making your ram upgrade cheaper, which is the whole point or focus of ramseeker – getting you the right price on your next ram upgrade.

So who buys RAM? I know of a few Memory stores that will offer you cash for your old RAM and they are: SMS Assembly, RAMJET and OEMPCWORLD will all buy your MacBook Memory when you’re ready to upgrade. These are the few memory stores for Apple Memory that I am aware of that will buy back your old RAM from your Mac. If you’re aware of any other memory sellers who do this, leave a comment and I’ll update my list.

As far as prices you’ll get for your old MacBook RAM, OEMPCWORLD states that they’ll knock off another 20% off the price of new MacBook RAM and for RAMJET, they’ve got handy list of ram price trade in values for mac.

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