Rule Number 1

You’d think that with the painting I did earlier this week I would be all done with painting for a while, but guys you would be so wrong.

I would now like to take this moment to introduce you to the first rule of husband club:

Nobody volunteers to do stuff while their wife is away

Guys, think about it - you have an opportunity here:  Play the stereo as loud as you want, go for coffee, drink beer, - anything you want to do and I’m going to guess that your idea of a good time is  not painting  - even if it does give you an excuse to drink beer. You can have the beverage of your choice without the work because she who is in charge  - is gone.

Apparently,** I didn’t get the memo in time** because I volunteered my services. Oh, yes I did. I remember it plain as day: We were at dinner when she was talking about her trip and I said “I’ll paint the deck and lawn furniture while you’re gone”.  Her eyes lit up, and I think her heart grew three sizes that day.  It was too late - the words left my mouth. I volunteered. Kiss my couch surfing, remote flipping, week of do nothing with no chores goodbye.

Then I went to Home Depot and stocked up on paint brushes.

Then today  I realized:  holycrapshecomeshometommorrow and I havent stained the lawn furniture yet!!!  I put down the remote, picked up my paintbrush, kept the dog inside  - and got to work:

The table already had one coat on it and it still looked pretty dry so I added one more ooat a bit later.

Getting there..waiting for it to dry.

Wait! What’s this?!!  I had to stop and put down my brush and send this little guy an eviction notice - with my boot. This explains why B kept getting stung last year.

And before you can say “Honey, I have been thinking”, I was done. (OK, it took me all freakin’ day)

But now we have the furniture and deck stained by yours truly and I’ll try to remember** husband club rule number 1** for the future..maybe if I’m good I’ll get to sit down and relax on our freshly painted deck and lawn furniture. I’m biased but I think it looks pretty good.  ?  And, thedog likes it.