The Rubber Duck

rubber duck

Our first bath toy arrived today and of course, it’s a rubber duck


I hadn’t really planned on buying her a rubber duck quite yet but I was out and about looking for a swimsuit for me and I saw this and considering it was less than three dollars I figured: what the heck.

And boy oh boy, is it a hit. If I had known she would have enjoyed this duck so much I would have done this long ago. It’s her favorite toy and considering I should be able to get a few years of use out of the rubber duck then it’s just pennies a month for some entertainment in the bath.

baby bathtub

She’s also getting too big for the baby bathtub we have for her and we only bought it in June! The next tub I guess will be something like this but it’s another $30 so we will hold off for a few weeks. It seems we just get an item for her and she outgrows it!

tiny love mobile

Case in point: This Tiny Love Mobile cost us $24.00 and now that she outgrew it I thought I would try and sell it on eBay but I only ended up getting two dollars for it! Had I known, I would have just donated it to the Goodwill

So there you have it. If you’re looking to buy a rubber duck for your little one it’s highly recommended.