Right On Target

Imagine you are a dog.

And as a dog, you start to feel nauseous and have a need to expel the contents of your stomach. Maybe that pizza slice you found on the road wasn’t such a good idea after all…

In your dog-mind ask yourself where would you go if you had to barf?

Some venues in our house are:

Under the Bed. (hardwood)

Family Room (hardwood)

Kitchen (Tile)

Various crappy floor mats from Target that are **meant to be used by dogs **and could be easily replaced.


You could barf on our brand new multiple hundred dollars worth of white area carpet. Because…. you’re a dog.

This is my life now

It’s never a good night when BW sends a text and asks you to bring home carpet stain remover. Never.

So with this in my shopping cart I head home and give BW the can to fix the barf situation.

Once there, BW gets to work:

She sprayed and wiped and sprayed and wiped and even dragged out her fancy $400 hair dryer to dry the carpet. And five bucks worth of goop later it seems to be good enough to pass as new(ish).

You know, I have to congratulate myself (or, the zoloft) but there was a time when I would have lost my mind when stuff like this happened. Now.. meh. They have more carpets at Home Depot.

It’s just not worth getting too upset about stuff anymore.

As the saying goes: barf happens.