Respect the Wonder Woman

It’s kind of amazing that I keep on finding topics to blog about day in and day out, but then again - I am married to BW.

Take today for instance:

We had an Amazon order arrive at the door with just some random stuff we needed like carpet tape, dental floss, yerba mate, a book…all stuff we just needed in some fashion or other.

Oh! and - **A wonder woman doll. **

I asked BW - what the heck? And she says “ that I should never mind and it’s for a craft project and that I said she needed to get a hobby and she did so back off! “

Okay, then…

“Also - it was a warehouse deal!” she told me .

Got it.

“Respect the Wonder Woman!!!” BW said as she propped her up on the shelf and left the room.

Just when you think that this will be yet another normal day…

Maybe this is the new normal, I dunno. But I do know one woman I respect. ?

I wonder about her sometimes but that’s a whole other post. ?

PS> I still have no idea why we need this doll. Stay tuned, I am sure.