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Resetting iPod Models Is Easy Once You Know How

The Apple iPod has been around for a while now and with that are different versions. Truth be told, I have an old school 30GB iPod that holds more than enough music I care to listen  to, but it’s starting to get older and I am hoping to buy a new iPod – from Amazon probably as I find that they usually have the best iPod prices, when you compare iPod prices from them as opposed to buying an iPod direct from Apple.

And this means I will want to get rid of my old iPod to help pay for the newer model. I am thinking about buying an Apple iPod Touch to replace my much older 30GB model, and I want to be able to reset the 30GB iPod to the same as it was when you bought it back in 2006, almost six years old  now. Wow.

I found an Apple help document  that shows me how to reset my 30GB iPod but  also for others too, so I thought I would share this, as I thought surely there’s somebody else wanting to set their iPod to factory settings.

In my case, all I needed to do was was toggle the hold switch, which means  turning the hold switch on and off and then at the same time I held down the menu button and the center button and in about 7 seconds the iPod reset itself. Apple suggests doing all this with your iPod either plugged into a computer or wall outlet, so I made sure it had power before I went ahead with my iPod reset.

When I was done,  I had a like new 30GB iPod on sale and with the money I got, (not much – well under $100) I could use that money to buy my new Apple iPod Touch