RAM Upgrades for the Late 2015 Apple iMac

Apple’s released new iMac Models today in both 21.5 inch and 27 inch displays. Their tech specs state that these new iMacs take faster 1867MHz ram vs the slower 1600MHz ram that’s been in close to every mac for the past few years.

I have yet to find a memory vendor that actually sells 1867MHz ram for the new iMacs (except for Amazon) but as in the past when the new Apple computers ship the memory vendors eventually carry the new ram upgrades for the new models and I will update ramseeker when the time comes.

Of course, if you really need a Maxed out late 2015 iMac today then the only other option will be to buy it direct from Apple, but the memory direct from Apple isn’t all that cheap:

The cost to upgrade from the stock 8GB to 16GB is a $200 price bump, and if you want to max out your brand new iMac it will cost you $400 for 32GB of RAM from Apple compared to what looks to be about $100/16GB if the pricing I found at Amazon are any indication.

For more info on the new Apple iMacs:

Apple, of course but also Jason Snell has a review of the new iMacs over at Macworld.

I will keep you updated when the other vendors come on board with more ram upgrade options for the new late 2015 iMac models with retina displays.

update: a few vendors have memory upgrades now in stock and I have started to track pricing here