RAM Shopping Help

Do you need help with **buying memory **for your new or old computer? I’m happy to offer ram shopping help and you can always email me at jim at jim.am. I don’t sell memory but I do and can recommend the right and correct memory upgrades for your computer regardless of what make it is or notebook or desktop computer.

Most memory stores do offer a memory configurator which is usually a pull down menu or some times it’s a list of links to popular or new memory upgrades that are popular for  most of the newer and modern computers as these are the most computers that can benefit from a ram upgrade.

The memory configurators are a good way to find out what RAM or Memory your computer needs but it gets confusing  as to what Memory you need. If you’re just an average computer user you don’t care about MHz or GHz or bus speeds or all the other technical  mumbo jumbo. All you want to do is to speed up your computer by using more ram and it will

Adding more ram is like moving into a bigger house. Instead of there being no room for your computer to work with, when you add ram it’s like now your computer has enough space to get things done and keep all the data organized and labeled and ready to use at a moment’s notice which is what ram does. stores stuff that the computer is going to need soon. It’s the technical equivalent of  “here hold this for a second”.

Cheapest RAM Prices

Cheapest RAM

And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t upgrade your computer memory these days as ram is cheap and spending $100 on RAM is much better bang for buck for your computing dollar than say, spending it on a software update just because there’s a new version out, when the old software you have works just fine. (Windows Vista, anyone?)

But with RAM, unless you’re buying very large and very new technology – is pretty cheap. $100 for most notebooks gets you 4GB of memory which is what I recommend at a bare minimum for computing in 2010.

Again, I don’t sell RAM. I just like to shop for RAM and help you get the best price from a fair and reputable memory store on your memory upgrades, that’s it.

If you do need help when shopping for ram or memory don’t hestitate to contact me if you can’t figure out what type or size of RAM your computer needs. I’m here to help you.