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What is the best RAM memory price?

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There are a few variables to determine what RAM Memory Price is for you and best suits your needs when it comes to shopping for ram upgrades, or memory upgrades. (For the remainder of this article, RAM and Memory will be used as they have the exact same meaning.

RAM is the best upgrade to your computer that you can do. In fact, I whole heartedly suggest you max out your memory – especially if you are looking to upgrade a netbook or laptop computer as there’s a lot of performance in your portable computer but the manufacturers have this bad habit sometimes of only installing the minimum ram required to start the operating system.

The reasons computer makers like Apple, Dell, HP, Toshiba and others do this is simple: price. Memory is not free (yet) and it costs more money to configure a computer with the maximum memory possible so what they have done to become more price competitive is to transfer the cost to you and allow you to bear the cost.

Oh sure – Apple, Dell and all will be happy to sell you ram for your new notebook (or desktop) but it won’t be the cheapest ram you can buy by any stretch. These are big companies with lots of overhead, employees, distribution networks and other costs that tend to mark up the price of ram to silly amounts by the time it gets to you. Dell, Apple and company are interested in one thing: profit. Not saving you memory on ram.

But you don’t neccessarily want to increase the coffers of the big computer makers: you just want ram for for your laptop or desktop at a fair price. Maybe it’s the lowest price you can get on ram or maybe you’d prefer to spend a little more but whatever you choose you can get a much better deal on ram than when you buy it from the big computer manufacturers.

Part of the reason you can buy RAM cheaper from various 3rd party memory stores is that you’re buying generic ram. What’s generic ram? You’ve seen the no-name cereal at the grocery store, yes? It’s the same idea -you’re still buying corn flakes but you don’t get the fancy box or brand. Some memory stores actually carry two or more different types of RAM: Generic memory and brand name RAM so you can decide what ram to buy and whether you want to save money on ram or whether you’re willing to spend more and buy name brand ram, only you can decide that – as it’s your money you are spending on ram and memory.

But whatever you choose you can get the best RAM Memory Price by comparing ram prices and make an informed memory buying decision.