RAM Memory for MacBook Pro

If there’s one popular computer when it comes to RAM Prices (or if you prefer, memory prices) it’s the MacBook Pro.  Desktop computers do have their applications and usually offer more value in speed, upgradeability and  in some cases as the Apple iMac – screen size – it’s the notebook computers from Apple that really offer the best value whether you choose the budget oriented MacBook or the faster MacBook Pro that offers more expandability options as well.

Best MacBook Pro Price

Cheapest MacBook Pro

One of the best expandability options on the MacBook Pro is the option to add more RAM memory (RAM and Memory should be considered interchangeable when it comes to this article).

The newest Apple MacBook models (which aren’t that new – there’s a a MacBook Pro refresh needed in 2011)  allow for a maximum of 8GB DDR3 SDRAM sodimms to be installed replacing what is usually installed from the factory: 2x2GB memory modules for  a total of 4GB MacBook Pro RAM that ships standard with your MacBook Pro.

But to get the maximum performance from your professional Apple notebook computer, I recommend you max out your MBP to the 8GB allowable. 8GB for the MacBook Pro costs just over $100 at time of writing – a far cry from the $1000 it cost just a few short years ago, making a 8GB RAM Upgrade for MacBook Pro one of the better upgrades you can achieve this year to increase your computing performance.

Where to Buy MacBook Pro Memory

I have been tracking RAM Prices on MacBook Pro memory starting with the DDR2 memory the older MacBook Pro’s  required and now with the newer and faster MacBook Pros that use the DDR3 RAM instead and I prefer to leave it to you to decide where to buy MacBook Pro RAM rather than push one particular store.  The lowest price on MacBook Pro Memory is just one factor when considering buying RAM for Apple but below is a table listing current and lowest ram prices for MacBook Pro: