RAM for the New Apple iMacs Mid Summer or July 2010

I wish Apple would release their models yearly instead of the way they do because after a while when you go to look up your iMac model you almost need a PHD to figure out what model of iMac you have and if you’re upgrading what iMac RAM or Memory you need to buy.  They do much better with  their releases of their phones which seem  to come out yearly now and the naming is a little easier to understand the iPhone 3 was in ’08 and then came the iPhone 3GS and lastly even with all it’s antenna problems has been named the iPhone 4.  Somewhere it makes sense to just upgrade the innards and keep it all the same as far as computer names but it sure was a lot easier when there was only one iMac, not many many different Apple iMac Models from which to choose.

Rant over,  Apple released new Apple iMac models earlier this week and I have already found some stores that carry iMac RAM. Its’ still early days but the stores that are the price leaders usually don’t cater to Apple Memory per se,  but carry computer memory for all types of RAM and not just Apple.

Cheapest Apple iMac

But those that are more in tune with the Apple market and Apple community tend  to get their Apple RAM listed first as they can do it  themselves and updated their pages to add apple iMac memory. Heck, one store even sent  me a press release saying  that they now carried the Apple iMac Memory for the new Apple iMac  2010. I’m going to call it that I think because this really is new and  released just in time for those wanting to buy a new Apple Computer for back to school or the Christmas holiday shopping season. Apple even has a deal now where if you buy a mac you get a free iPod too.

But, we’re here today to talk about RAM for the new iMacs.  As always I am  relectunt to tell you to buy from one specific memory store because it’s your money not  mine. But I can tell you that Crucial Technology, Other World Computing, Data Memory Systems and RAMJET all offer ram for the new iMacs in stock and ready to ship.

This ram is new to the Apple lineup and the first to include the DDR3 1333MHZ specification, so all or any memory you have from older Apple iMacs won’t work in the new Apple iMac models. You’ll have to buy new ram upgrades to upgrade the new Apple iMacs.

The other good news with  the release of  the summer 2010 iMacs  is they can accept more ram  – up to 16gb if your budget allows for it as there’s four memory slots on each of the new Apple iMacs and each slot can take 4GB of RAM.  So you could have 4GB, 8GB or 16GB memory upgrade configurations on the new iMacs.