RAM and Memory for the 2010 Mac Pros

I have as of this morning added memory and ram prices from four memory stores so far that list and sell apple memory for the new Apple Mac Pro models just released:

Cheapest Apple Mac Pro

These are for the Mac Pros that now require 1333MHz  RAM. The 1066Mhz memory is still a current model as now any Mac Pro you buy could take two different types of RAM depending on what 2010 Mac Pro you buy and want to upgrade the memory for:

The 2.4GHz Apple Mac Pro still use the same 1066Mhz DDR SDRAM DIMMS that previous models use. My guess is that Apple will discontinue this Mac Pro model sooner or later once the faster memory and processors get cheaper. (they always do)

The 2.66GHz and 2.93GHz Apple Mac Pro models is where the new 1333Mhz RAM applies and now you’ve got a slew of selections to choose depending on what Mac Pro you have and how much memory you want to install in them.

As always I have added two different methods you can shop for memory: by looking for prices on individual Mac Pro memory modules or by shopping for ram as a package deal and buying it in a memory upgrade kits. The new Mac Pros offer 8 slots for memory upgrades and depending on how badly you need the performance you can fill your Mac Pro with up to 64GB of RAM now. It won’t be cheap but it’s possible.

You now have three different options for shopping for Mac Pro Memory and  RAM upgrade kits:

Mac Pro Memory Upgrade Kits with 2GB 1333MHz ram modules

Mac Pro Memory Upgrade Kits with 4GB 1333MHz ram modules

Mac Pro Memory Upgrade Kits with 8GB 1333MHz ram modules

Depending on your Mac Pro memory needs or budget you can buy Mac Pro RAM upgrades in every configuration  imagineable from 4GB all the way to 64GB of ram for Mac Pro.