Printer Hell


You would think that if Elon can make electric cars and rockets and gosh know what else that somehow mankind would make a printer that just works. 

I have been through more printers than I care to recount but I bet I have spent thousands over my lifetime of computing and with each one I think that maybe this will be the printer. 

Want to know what? They are all crap.

Wasn’t it supposed to be that computers and the internet was supposed to be replacing the use of paper as well?  There was the information highway and that new technology: email. I guess that didn’t happen and now years and years later people are still swearing at their printers like I was today.

BW was leaving the house, and I asked her to wait until I could print a label and tape it to a box so she could save me a trip to the post office. Do you think my printer would play nice? Nope.

It took me hours to get my printer working today. HOURS

I have mixed emotions about my current printer. It’s a Canon and it’s fine I guess. It’s 4 years old now an  still going strong. It’s a pain in the ass to get it connected to wifi as you have to press a button on the printer, run upstairs and press another button  on the router and then run downstairs to confirm that you pressed the button upstairs.

Meanwhile, Elon is launching rockets somewhere.

I ended up getting my one page I needed to print on BW’s printer. I was this close to thowing my current printer out the window when it decided it would play nice after many, many trips downstairs and upstairs playing the ‘button game’.

BW has a much newer and  nicer printer and it’s on sale so I was tempted to just go and buy myself a new one  as hers seems to work just fine  and has more bells and whistles, but one thing that stopped me was the fact that I had one more ink cartridge in a box ready to go for my current printer.  But I wanted to make sure my printer was actually going to either work or not before I opened a $40.00 inkjet refill and put it in a printer that didn’t work.

I don’t have much need for a printer most days anyway so even though my printer is persnickety to get setup for the most part it works fine, so if this printer can last until my new ink cartridge runs out I will be happy. Then, maybe I will go printer shopping.

The best printer I had was a dot matrix printer that - although noisy as all hell worked the best of the bunch. One would think that with new printer technology they would have figured out how to fix this problem of having printers that just work.

I’ll call Elon. Maybe he has some ideas..