Pretty in Pink

If you wait long enough, fashion will come full circle and what was once out of fashion is now in fashion once again.

For example, I have bigger glasses again than I have in the past. They’re not quite the tortise shell montrosities of the eighties, but they are getting there.

And then last week I went jean shopping and found that the jeans of my youth are in style again.

And they’re under $30 bucks for a pair. Oh, and they’re stretchy too which is a good thing because: pie.

Oh the flashbacks of all the hours I fretted about having the right taper on my pants in the 80’s . I was a regular customer at many a tailor over the years because the thought of being caught in a straight leg or even worse - floods, still gives me nightmares.

Fast forward to today where I go to buy any old pair of jeans really, but find that the fashion of my youth is cool again and this time around they are cheaper and stretchy too (because, pie)

It looks like for a brief period of time this spring I might actually be considered fashionable for a change.