PopCorn Time

BW really likes popcorn. I like it but I find the risk vs the reward of popcorn too high. As somebody that grew up with braces in my prime snacking years I never felt the risk vs the reward was worth it.

But BW likes popcorn and for whatever reason I’m the great popcorn maker which is pretty funny since I really don’t like it that much.

Sunday night though, I caved and BW shared her batch with me. And I was stuffing it in my head while watching our latest series on Netflix I heard a crack.

When you hear teeth crack while eating, it’s never good and this was the case. I broke off part of a back molar. It did not hurt much so I just went to bed and in the morning I called the Dentist.

And the story here is really my Dentist. He’s older and only works Monday to Thursdays and there are only 3 dental assistants and a receptionist. One of the Dental assistants has another job at Target when she isn’t flossing my teeth. It’s just weird.

His office is an old house on the first floor on a big corner of land Downtown. It’s easy to find becauase there’s always an old tractor-trailer in the driveway. They even poured a special pad for this truck.

When you walk in there’s a sign that says “Door is not locked - it’s just stuck. Push Hard”.

Everytime I go I think to myself that they should get that fixed and every time I go.

Most Dentist offices I have been to have big screen TV’s and big X-ray machines and all the technology to make your dental visits a little bit nicer.

Not here. You get a chair and a Dentist that knows what he’s doing. I’m sure he’s still using the same tools from when he graduated dental schools.

When I move here and BW recommended him and I saw the lack of modern tools, the stuck doors and the truck outside I thought: “no way”. But I learned over time that this guy is **reallly good. **

When I went to get what I thought would be a consult visit for more trips in the future , it turned out I I was wrong. He had a look and then offered me the choice of getting a filling.

I opted for the filling and I bet our insurance covers all/most of the cost. He does not upsell you or refer you to a specialist and x-rays are only taken when needed.

Long story short, I had my broken tooth all fixed up in about 45 minutes and I was done and on my way.

Just no more popcorn for me for a while.