On Writing in Plain Text

I have been trying to rely less on products on which to blog and write and more on using simple tools. Back in the day when I was an apple user I would love to use the BBEdit text editor to write and create websites with.

plain text

I think I have tried everr markdown app or writing tool out there and they all feel sluggish as if my computer has to think before being able to show me the words on the screen.

This post does not need a database.

I was using Wordpress for this site but I find it’s overkill and it just gets in the way with all the databases and themes and plugins and whatnot.

Heck, I just want to write. I could do it in Google Docsif I wanted to but this is overkill as well. Docs and other tools just feel slow compared to when I write in a true text editor.

I’m using Caret for this post which seems to be the default text editor for my Chromebooks or more likey because I added the app and now on every machine I install Chrome on it autmatically gets installed. This is probably the case,but whatever. It works well for me.

I’m finding if I can get into the groove of writing it doesn’t really matter what I use to write as long as the application gets out of the way so that I can write, or blog or whatever you want to call this easily and regularly

Benefits of Plain Text

I’m back to using jekyll as my writing and blogging tool of choice, and I like the fact that every post I have ever writen is here locally on my drive as well as my host. If for whatever reason my host craps out (unlikely, because: Google) I have a backup here locally on my computer that I can access if need be.

And plain text never goes out of style so my posts will always be readable by pretty much every app or browser in the future. Not that most of my archives are of much use, but it might be nice to see what a decade’s worth of writing looks like 10 years from now and not have to worry about a database error or realize that some CMS you’ve been using has crapped out and left you hanging.

I had been looking at more complicated solutions and then when it all comes down to it, I’m adding wordss and (maybe) a picture to a folder on a web host so plain text does me just fine and doesn’t get in the way like some other apps or blogging platforms might.