Photo Bug

With the invention of this little blog o’mine, I’ve re-affirmed my love of photography. It’s become a challenge of sort to have some sort of decent art to go with the story. I blame my journalism training.


All this to say, It’s been a while since my camera has been picked up.

When BW and I were courting, due to the US/Canada border thing, it was a pain to bring the camera along. Coming into the US, it was not only more gear to haul, but the less stuff you bring with you the better. And for the Canucks, they just want to tax me and again - a hassle to bring the camera with me and then explain that I didn’t buy the digital camera in the USA, but in Canada.

This means that all our photos up until we got married were probably shot with a smartphone, which is a shame. I did shoot our wedding invite flowers one weekend in Toronto, but that’s about it.

But, boy oh boy, am I making up for lost time lately. That, and I found eBay and that the old school lenses and camera gear  go for a song:

Take this Nikon EM with lens: Total cost $37.00 shipped!



I had bid on this only for the lens, a Nikon 50mm f/1.8 E series lens. It’s known as ‘pancake lens’ as it only protrudes from the camera an inch or so, and is fine and fast manual focus lens - the camera was a bonus and is in absolutely pristine shape! I’ve put a roll of film through, and have yet to have it processed, but all seems to work.

There was a time that I’d have to have the latest and greatest camera and lenses, but I’m having a blast with this older nikon lenses and cameras. This one’s from 1979 ! These E series lenses were designed to compete with cheaper stuff, and sometimes the plastic can be a little cheesy, but the optics are superb! I took this photo with another Nikon E series lens - a 75-150mm f/3.5 zoom and it looks pretty good to me. I have a super duper zoom lens with all the latest autofocus and vibration technology, but it’s slow and heavy and costs much much more than the $50 average I paying for this stuff. In fact, I’m planning to sell the fancy superzoom to fund the entire E series collection. There’s about six lenses in total,

Of course, these are all manual focus lenses, but even with my progressive lenses in my glasses I find I can get some very sharp photos for an old guy. And this is much more fun, and these cheap lenses are fully compatible with my Nikon digital camera. The only thing I don’t get is autofocus, but all the other stuff works just fine - metering, focus indicators, the works…

In Other News..

We painted the fence!


BW, bless her heart - earlier this week said “Let’s paint the fence”. Now, this is, and was fine but I have some issues I need to deal with:

  1. We’re on different time zones, BW and I. You see, to me “Paint The Fence” means first thing, like 8 or maybe 9.  The trouble with my way of thinking is that BW isn’t even awake by 8 or 9, let alone ready with a paintbrush in hand. So, after coffee, and bacon sandwiches (delicious, btw) and farting around with facebook and the like, the official start time was 12:30pm.

Folks, I gotta share: THIS DRIVES ME NUTS! If I had my way, the fence would have painted first thing and then we’ve got the entire day to do other stuff. But, now that I’m married, my way has become our way so it was a later afternoon start.

  1. BW tells me that it took her and her Dad two days to paint the fence. Even with our late start and a trip to home depot to buy more paint we were still done by 4pm. My only guess why it took two days was it had to be stained again first, and then shellacked. We just did the latter, so maybe that’s why we got off easy, I dunno.

Lastly, I’ve been busy making some changes to the site, and one is that tidy husband is more compatible when you read it on your smartphone, and the other biggie is that you can see the photos bigger than before. Every photo from now on is clickable for a bigger version. And, it’s a bit easier to read, have search engines find me, and so on..

I’ve been away for a few days from my regular blogging routine, so that’s why I haven’t been around. When I first started I thought I’d have to write every day, and a lot of days I do, but there’s days where the most exciting thing is mundane doctor’s appointments and we’ve had a bunch of them back to back this week (nothing to worry about, just maintaining the standard) and I don’t think anybody needs to hear that I had a common cold earlier this week.

I’ve got a few stories planned for this coming week, so be sure to come back and read more about our adventures.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!