Paper Engagement

A year ago today, we got engaged - on paper at least. I still had to get a ring and a dusty knee, but my beautiful wife was not going to wait, so she asked me and the United States government if it was OK to marry me. Wait, she asked if she could import my sorry butt to marry me.  So a year ago this weekend we sat down at the computer, gathered up the forms and birth certificates and passport photos and the most important part  - a letter of intent to marry each other and off it went to the post office. Our K1 Fiance Visa Journey had begun.


“So, are you engaged?”

When I got home again to Canada, that was the question friends and family wanted to know and my answer was umm..I don’t know. You see there was one problem. No Ring. That would come later, but in the meantime my male ego wanted a ring on her finger asap.  It  just didn’t feel right being ‘engaged’ on paper but she’s still walking around ring-less.

So, I saved and saved and saved (I already had a good head start - I knew this was coming) and sold lots of cool toys to buy her a ring


(to be continued…)