We Need A Bigger Fridge

Not for the food though. Even though we do seem to have burned through the dough lately when it comes to grocery shopping that’s not the reason I am thinking about shopping for a very tall fridge.

We need a bigger fridge because my honey-do list keeps on growing and growing and  our current fridge is not tall enough to accomodate my ever growing task list. Maybe because I moved in during the dead of winter and the weather kept us inside or probably more like it, that despite my complaints (which seem to fall on deaf ears anyway) now is the time to do all this outdoorsy stuff, but I sure seem to be busy lately in the home improvement dept:

Let’s recap:

I got rid of the dog kennel

I made a garden

I cut grass

I  clean closets

and  more stuff, I am sure  Wash the dog, take out the garbage, etc…

But the latest  project I have been elected for is to re-stain the back deck. B goes away for a week next week at a conference and when the wife’s away, the tidy husband will.. stain the deck?!  It doesn’t even rhyme. But that’s what’s on the agenda for the next  few days - weather permitting.

All is not lost.

The good news  is that while the dog and I  are painting and partying  while the wife is away next week we have already started on the prep work today because I now nave this:

Power, Baby. 

best washer for decks

To prepare the deck for staining, one needs a power washer. We could have rented a power washer but then you have to return it, and it’s a pain and a power washer is one of those things you can always find another use for  - I mean this is not the last job I do.. and this Blue Clean power washer is a pretty good one for the lousy $100 we paid for it on sale.  

It  did the job quite nicely I think.

I washed the deck:

and the stairs:

As you can see,  the deck is  due for a re-paint.

Then I kept on going, because hellooo.. I now have the power to clean!! 

So I kept going. I cleaned the grill:

And some mats and carpets:

and pretty much anything else I could find to power wash** because power washing is so much fun! **

The downside of all this is now that I have this amazing tool I now get to:

Wash and paint fence.

Wash and paint garage floor

Wash and paint lawn furniture

And that folks is why we need a bigger fridge. And I need a rest.

**PS: **this should probably be a post of it’s own but our veggie garden is coming along quite nicely:

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Does This Fur Coat Make Me Look Fat?

As some of you know, I moved over here to the USA in the new year and because I am:

An old guy and need less sleep

 A sucker

A light sleeper

It didn’t take thedog long to realize that if she came over to my side of the bed in the mornings and persistently poked me with her wet nose, I would get up and feed the beast. Now, there’s a few problems with this scenario and they are:

It’s 5:30am

It’s 5:30am

It’s 5:30am

You will see that the dog’s idea of wakey time and mine are a bit  different, and also:  I have no desire for food in the wee hours  but the dog, well she thinks differently.

So now that we have established she won’t take no for an answer, I stumble and mumble out of bed and look for coffee. The dog, after she come back from a quick jaunt in the backyard is all about one thing and that is food. 

B gave me the instructions: “ Fill the scoop to about  3/4 f ull”. Which for me -  at 5:30 am before coffee translates to “Screw it, close enough”. I don’t measure real well in the wee hours and the dog has been getting more than the prescribed amount. The Dog is  quite happy to accomodate my lax ways of feeding as they are in her favor. The dog eats,  goes back to bed, and I mosey over to my computer and start work and our morning routine is done for another day…but..

Time Has Not Been Kind. 

It seems, after performing this ritual for the past 5 months the dog has gained ten pounds blooming from a svelte 38lbs to a more comfortable 47lbs. I think this is fine, but for B - hoo boy am I in trouble.

We went to the vet and found out  just how much trouble I am in, and now the dog is on B’s diet. But here’s the thing:

The dog food bag suggests I feed the dog even more than I  have been giving her, but the vet and this unflattering photo suggests the dog is eating quite enough thank you very much and B and I have been duking it out since, If the vet states she should lose weight, we will follow her suggestions - she’s the pro, afterall.

But what about the Dog food bag? It states that this dog should get 4 cups of  food a day - that’s another 30 percent than I have been giving her . Is it just so they can sell more dog food?

Time For A Change

At the rate we’re going, If I were to continue feeding the dog at my rate the dog would weigh 20lbs more on our first year anniversary. I can only imagine would the dog would weigh following  the instructions on the dog food bag. She would not be able to see her feet, (or get up off the floor).

Seeing as we kindof like the dog and want the dog to be a healthy weight, we have dialed back her portions and she’ s just as happy as ever. The Dog Weight Loss Project Begins.. stay tuned.

128GB SSD Solid State Hard Drive Prices

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To Venus and Back

“OOH, the Venus Transit is next week!” she excitedly said.

And with those few words, my new to-do item on the honey-do list was to make B a pinhole camera so she could watch the venus transfer without harm to her eyeballs.

I really don’t get the space/nerd thing she’s got going on but then she’s not quite understanding of my love for speakers so I guess it all works out.

I searched the internet  for pinhole camera instructions and found a box to make her a pinhole camera:

And at exactly 6:03 pm, this happened:

But, there was a problem. We could see the sun, but no transfer of venus. Maybe we were early, so we waited and tried again:

Still nothing. So, what if we sat down? Surely that might help…

Nope, nothing.

Did I make the camera wrong? It’s a possibility as this was the very first pinhole camera I made. So, I found a different design that didn’t require you to sit in the backyard with a box on your head ( I told you today’s post was going to be a doozy)

See that little white dot? That’s the sun, so  at least we got that right but still  - no sign of venus travelling across it.

Then, we gave up and watched it happen live on the internet with tea and cookies. The End.

At least the dog had fun. No box required.