Can You Repair Mac RAM?



  If the RAM on your Mac is bad, or has gone bad **it's toast.**

  Your only option is to replace the RAM with new RAM and if you're going to go to the trouble of buying new RAM to replace the dead RAM, I suggest you double (or even triple the RAM too) at the same time for on reason only. RAM is so cheap.

  Just like current interest rates the prices have never been so low for so much memory in the over 15 years I have been monitoring RAM prices. It's just a few years ago, you would have to pay over $1000 for a 16GB ram upgrade for the iMac and now that same upgrade will cost you nothing at all in comparison - usually under $100 and even less if you sell your old RAM. (this option may not be available to you if your current RAM upgrade has gone bad)

  But, before you go and replace ram be sure that it's gone bad. I know [Microsoft windows offers a memory test option](, and you can test the RAM on your Mac too using [memtest]( download link).

  Another option to consider: Is the ram upgrade in your Mac or PC seated properly. I know from personal experience, this has happened to me where I thought I had installed memory on my Mac Mini only to find that I hadn't and that the Mac would crash every time I woke from sleep. So I flipped the Mac Mini over, unscrewed the handy plastic cover (if only all Macs allowed such an easy upgrade) and removed and re-installed my memory upgrade ensuring that it was fully installed - sometimes you have to press hard on the memory module to have the ram seat in the memory upgrade slot correctly.

  Once I had re-installed the RAM on my Mac Mini - all my crashing and startup errors were gone. It wasn't the RAM that was bad afterall, it was the crummy installation job by yours truly.  It costs you nothing to try and reinstall your ram in your computer or complete a full memory test so I suggest you check these two items before you spend your hard earned money on RAM you may not need to buy.

  If it turns out your memory really has gone south, the only option is to replace the RAM, but RAM is so cheap it's worthwhile upgrading the RAM over replacing your PC. 8Gb of RAM currently is priced about $50 for most computer models and if your Mac or PC can handle it - I suggest going all the way to 16GB of RAM with street prices running you only about $100 for 16Gb of RAM today.


Oh Good, more painting.

In case you missed it, there was also a bit of painting here and here too, so I guess you could say if there has been a theme for the summer of 2012, it’s been the summer of the paintbrush, and today the tradition continues with the garage floor. Compared to the deck and lawn furniture this was a relative breeze except for one small minor thing we overlooked:

Do not prepare or paint a garage in 95 degree heat! I know in February when I come back and read this, I’ll be thinking and dreaming about a 95 degree day, but when your’re in what’s essentially an easy bake oven (or so it felt) even 95 feels much much hotter.


Garage unpainted

As you can see the four seasons in the Greater Niagara Area have not been kind to our garage floor and this job was due to be sure, and today was a good day for painting, if you don’t factor in how hot we were.

Now, we knew it was going to be hot, so the plan was that we would get up early. Yes, the both of us. I had ‘wake me up’ authorization and everything. I started by scraping the paint and then giving things a quick sweep and then went in to see how the beautiful assistant was doing in the waking up department. I talked to her, she answered back.  In my world, if I am talking and making sentences it usually means I am awake, so I assumed that BW would be getting her act together shortly…

Apparently not. It seems some of us fell back into the land of falalalala while some of us were outside workin’ and a sweatin’ away. Now, to be fair there wasn’t  much to be done until the actual painting later in the day anyway… so.

So. Much. Power

In the wish I’d have known that before department, I now know that the power washer we bought earlier this summer has probably been the best money we ever spent and that after I spent an hour in the heat on my hands and knees scraping up loose paint bits, I learned that using the power washer is a much more effiecient use of our time and energy and makes short work of preparing the floor for painting.

And.. after a quick lunch, the floor was dry and ready to be painted, and with the two of us doing the painting we were done in under an hour:



I think the best part  is how thrilled BW is with the finished project. I may paint a lot, but with the money I save on rose bouquets… ?

We sat down after we cleaned up, had a snack:

hard work snack

And that’s when I heard it.  At first I thought I was mistaken, so I listened again and there it was again:

“I want to paint the living room”

To be continued…



Work Authorization

Nikon 35-70 mounted

When BW and I first met, we met halfway because, as BW said at the time - “it’s equitable”, and it has been except for one part where things are lacking significantly on my part: the money. She makes the dough, I get the glory. ?

If you’re reading this, you know me and you know the small business I started over a dozen years ago is shrinking. Blame it on the economy, the technology - whatever you like  - but the long and short of it is the numbers at the end of the year aren’t going in the right, or at very least the desired direction lately.

So, it seems that despite the fact that BW keeps me in the way I’ve become accustomed and I haven’t had a real job in over decade, all that changed today and if Bjorn Borg can come out of retirement, so can I.

I got a j-j-j-job today 

It’s OK if you want to stop and read that again. (Hi Dad!)

I start in the next week or so.

I am now (or should be soon) an action and team sports photographer for a local photo outfit. It’s essentially school photos, but for local team sports. Finally, after 25 years since I graduated from photo school do I get an actual job as a photographer. All that college education hasn’t gone to waste afterall, Dad. ?

How It All Happened 

The other morning I was browsing craigslist looking for a j-j-j-j…(I’m still having a hard time with this. It will take time) and saw an ad for “action photographers”, so I sent a note that I’m new here, but I do have a photo diploma and a couple years under my belt in the ‘digital darkroom’ domain and then comes the hard part - they wanted to see a portfolio. Because I wasn’t really looking for a photo job I didn’t have a portfolio to show. So…

I sent them photos of the dog.


It was the only action photos I had.

oh - and this one:

hummingbird feeder


(and a few other recent ones that you’ve seen) and said I’d love to chat further and that I’m pretty flexible with hours, am reliable, etc.

The phone rang later last night, and I popped in to say Hi earlier this morning. Training starts next week. 

Essentially, I shoot kids at hockey games, cheerleading competitions, some football and so on. You know that photo of your niece with a soccer ball and a smile on the fridge? or group shot of your son’s hockey team? If you’re now in the greater Buffalo area, there’s a small chance that will be taken by me.

This job clicks with me and fits to a T because it isn’t really a job at all. It’s some evenings and some weekends. It’s part time, at best.

I’m going to get paid for photographing people. Granted, the average age of the subject will be seven years old and the hourly pay isn’t much higher than my subjects age will be, but it’s not some crappy office job and the only resume I sent was a paragraph in an email reply.  I sold myself, and got a job the same way I’ve gotten every job I have ever had -** without a resume, but with an email instead. **

I’ve done this before in Canada about 20 years ago - but I don’t remember shooting the action photos. When I did this right out of college, you would drive to a local hockey arena and shoot the kids posing. I did this with film cameras. I imagine this is a breeze to shoot with digital.

This sounds like fun. This **gets me outside, **brings in a bit of dough (happy wife), and allows me to use my unconventional skillset. Win Win Win.

Or, should I say: “Score!” ?



Shut In


I was afraid of this. What happens when life, is just - life? Do you keep the world up to date (okay, six readers)   with the daily updates about all the lint you found in the dryer and how many loads of laundry you did and that you bought new underpants at Target? Or do you wait until something else interesting happens?

Compared to weeks where we’ve had boxes on our heads, this week pales by comparison - even if I did get some new skivvies and bought a new wide angle lens on eBay.

Anyhoo… other news:

It’s August 1, so that means** it’s a holiday weekend**!  Oh, what’s that? Only in Canada you say? I should figure as much considering that here in the good ‘ol USA it’s all about the dollar. We Canucks, we like our weekends long and often. Here, we’ve got to wait until labor day. It figures the next US holiday is about working.

Because it’s summertime, we leave the door open. Great for a breeze but, cause the dog constantly barks at every kid biking by or dog walker it makes for a long hot summer. I know this is normal but, still. drives. me. crazy. 

And speaking of drives me crazy, we went to Home Depot the other night. I am learning that BW and I are far different when it comes to planning. Take for example, Monday night: BW wants shutters for the house and calls our handyman to come install them. He says, the best way to install them is for us to go buy them at Home Depot and then he’ll install them. This conversation happend at 8pm.  Want to know where BW wanted to go at 8:05pm? Yah, you got it.

I tried, in vain to explain that:

a. buying new shutters at 8pm is not an emergency.  A heart attack is  (that’s what she’s giving me) 

b. our handyman is handy, but he’s not the fastest in response time. even if we got the shutters right away,  they still wouldn’t be installed for a few days - so what’s the rush? You know the saying.. you can  have good or fast? He’s the first one.

c. At 8pm, I’m starting to unwind. I’ve been up since 5, walked the dog, did umpteen loads of laundry, took the garbage out , cleaned the bathroom, and sundry other duties and in the late evening I’m thinking about reading a book with a cup of tea, and not shop for window decorations.

Our new shutters are black and waiting in the garage for the handyman to install them. We finally have house numbers too. And paint to paint the garage floor this coming weekend. I didn’t get home until 10pm!

No boxes on heads, new flower gardens or painting the last few days - just some time to relax and go for a stroll or hang out in the basement where it’s cooler.

Hope you’re doing the same (and staying away from Home Depot  - it’s expensive!)


PS. See that flower? We have an entire front garden full of ‘em. We bought the seeds on eBay.





A Hot Little Number

The day, like any other day started innocently enough wit coffee and internet, but then BW got the case of the Sunday’s again where for some reason, hanging out all day in your underpants on a beautiful July day isn’t her idea of a good time. Who knew?

So.. the plan was to go get one of these first: Beef on weck

That, my friends is a beef on weck that is only sold on an aptly named food truck called roaming buffalo, and then go to the botanical gardens to look at all the pretty flowers and I could give my new wide angle lens a workout.

So, food first and then double back to the gardens. Trouble started when we realized this food truck was a car show in a small town in western New York called, Marilla, and that this car show is pretty big, and once you’ve parked and walked a mile or two you realize just how big this car show really is, and of course the food truck is at the far end of the show. Best laid plans and all..



We walked…

beautiful wife

and walked some more..(hoo, do I love that dress)


And along the way we managed to see a car or two:


Lots of red cars today out there…


We really didn’t stick around too long because we really weren’t looking to go to a car show and really - we just wanted to go for a sunday drive and get some roast beef on a bun for lunch and then hit the botanical gardens afterwards.

But, after walking for so long and with some of us not really dressed for walking (It’s all about the shoes) we gracefully bowed out of the middle of nowhere new york and made our way home.  We stopped for Vietnamese on the way home to end our perfect sunny July day.

Hope everybody had a great one!