Eat, Play, Sleep


I have come to realize that the child really has only 3 modes:

  • eat
  • play
  • sleep

The trick is to figure out what she needs of the three, and they keep on changing all the time but I have found that if she eats every 3 hours, and then plays for an hour and then sleeps for an hour (when I can find time to write this) then we’re in pretty good shape when it becomes caring for her.

It’s interesting that even at this young age she’s developed habits and a pattern to her growing and learning.

The Side Hustle


It’s important to have a hobby site. When I started ramseeker way back when it started as a side hustle or hobby site and I hope to do this again.

I have started another site that I hope to sucessful but as it’s still early days I have no way of knowing yet. In fact, I have a long way to go before it’s all set up in any fashion. I have the design setup and the hosting figured out.

As always, I am going with Jekyll and Google’s firebase for my publishing and hosting need because fast and free are hard to beat.

With that in mind the only thing will cost me is time. I have tried some other hustles and always gave up/got bored if I didn’t have instant success so I want to try and be more patient this time. I’m going to give this site some time and I don’t exect to have any success until the first year.

In the meantime, it’s a lot fun and everybody should have a hobby or side hustle they can work on.



If you don’t yet have a wubbanub you’re missing out if you have a kid that still need a pacifier.

I know, it’s a cheap stuff toy stapled to the end of a 1 dollar pacifier and they sell for close to $20 but they work well. My little one is still a little too young for figuring out that if you hold it the pacifier will stay in, but that will come eventually.

I love this because it’s a stuffed animal that is not only great for the child, but for the parents too. This seems to have a less chance of getting lost vs just the small pacifiers we are used to.

The Cost of Daycare

Holy smokes, is daycare expensive. I just enrolled our little one into daycard for the fall and it’s close to $65.00 per day to take care of my little one.


Now, don’t get me wrong..I work just parttime and spend a lot of time with my child so I’m aware of how much work it is to take care of a kiddo and mine is still a baby that sleeps through the day!

But, she has a spot for 2 days a week when I can go to work and get a little time away from the kiddo. Fiscally, it doens’t make a whole lof of sense but it allows her to interact with others her own age and gives me some time away from fatherly duties.

This doesn’t happen until the fall so we have some time to change our plan of attack but so far she’s going to start daycare in August.

Switching to Google Fi from Verizon


There have been a few things in my life where I have zero regrets such as getting married, having a child and my latest:

Switching Phone Plans

I recently switched from Verizon to Google Fi and it’s been one of the better decisions I have made as my mobile phone bill is now half of what it used to be.


What was once a $150.00 bill or more with taxes is now about half that. That’s a seventy dollar plus savings! I was paying for 8GB in Verizon and end up using half that at most so essentialy I was paying Verizon tool much for the serice that I needed.

I could have just downgraded plans to the 4GB but the savings would have been about $15.00 so Google Fi still eded up being the better deal.

I have seen no differnce in quality and because Google Fi wi-fi when it can, my data usage is usually under 3Gb a month.

The best part is that since I switched two months ago I haven’t had a bill because I guess that there’s some promotion where if I switched I would get a credit. I have no ieaa what the credit is for or for how long but I will find out eventually.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying not having to deal with Verizon any more. Verizon is good, but they are pricey and I don’t need the coverage for remote places which is probably better on Verizon but again, I would be paying for a service I do not use.

I’m glad I switched to Google Fi.