When Will The iMac 2012 Release Date Be?

Boy, if there’s one theme for 2012 when it comes to releases of new Apple computers, one word comes to mind and that’s stingy. In recent years we would have had at very least two different models released this year from Apple – more if you consider items like the Apple iPad too.

This time last year, we saw new MacBook Pros in Feb 2011, new Apple iMacs in May 2011 and new Apple Mac Minis in July 2011. Yet here it is at August 2012 and the only new model from Apple is the new MacBook Pro’s (and Air’s too) but for the most part – with the exception of the Apple MacBook Pro Retina Display – all the others considered new are really just the same old notebooks from Apple with faster graphics cards and processors and USB 3.0 ports.

The last release date for the iMac was in May 2011, so we’re long overdue for a new consumer desktop of some sort – even if it’s not an iMac, there’s a lot of us who are chained to their desk much more than some other road warriors, and we don’t need to pay the portable tax of more money for a smaller screen and battery power we don’t use when we would much rather appreciate a large display and more comfortable ergonomics a desktop system provides.

That’s a long time between iMac releases and I’m surprised that Apple hasn’t offered up a new iMac for the summer 2012 back to school crowd, or maybe they’re trying to get this market into their portable notebooks like the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro which probably offer a bigger profit margin.

I’m going to guess we will not see an iMac release in August as everybody is on holiday and it’s way too late to catch the back to school market now. This leaves us with September or October. By then, 90+ days will have passed on the MacBook Pro release date and history shows us that Apple tends to save the fall for the iPods as these are the hottest holiday electronics gift for the holidays year after year.

We may have to wait until January 2013 to see an new Apple iMac, and my guess is it will be something revolutionary – like the release of the MacBook Pro Retina Display was for the aging MacBook Pro line. The iMac has essentially been unchanged for years now and for most of us you would be hard pressed to tell one year from another at first glance when comparing iMac models, so it would be very refreshing to see not only a new and improved iMac but also a completely new design too.

My totally uneducated guess is Apple will wait until the new year the iMac release date. They alreada have a bunch of really great products to get them through the remainder of 2012 and I think they should concentrate their efforts on future products that offer more for Apple and their bottom line.

As far as computing technology goes an Apple Desktop of any kind is far from cutting edge in 2012 as more and more of us migrate to using portables, tablets and even smartphones.

Shutters, Soup, Strolls and Scoops

I’m on the soup diet. Also, the antibiotics and pain killer diet. Also: I’m missing a tooth.

Soup Diet

This was a planned event, this toothless-ness and long-term, this is all for the better so all’s well that ends well.

A few tooth extraction notes: All things considered, it wasn’t all that bad to have a tooth yanked out of your head. Not that it was like a Saturday afternoon with my lottery winnings in my back pocket at a speaker store, but with the help of modern medicine and more importantly, a patient wife -  she’s had to put up with my sorry toothless-nes. She still loves me even though I now feel I could act in the next episode of the Beverly HillBillies.

Enough crying in my soup - we had a great few days even with the dental trip.

First up: Ice Cream! 


On Sunday Night, we went to Lockport for Ice Cream! Lockport is about half an hour away from us and even though BW has lived here for five years she hadn’t been there. This goes to prove one thing: We’re meant for each other ! We don’t stray away from home much if left to our druthers.

Soo.. I had vanilla (plain, boring and predictable) and BW had some whiskey and brown sugar concoction. Afterwards we wandered around Lockport a bit and looked at the..wait for it..Locks!




New Shutters! 

The big news here is that the front of our house has a new look thanks to Tim the Handyman ( Hey, I blog  - she can’t have it all) and despite the fact that these have been sitting in our freshly painted garage for a week, they are now up and installed and look great.

Goodbye salmon colored shutters and hello to a more classic black:





We Walked In The Woods 

Sunday Night, on the eve of my much dreaded tooth yank, we walked off my final steak dinner for a while and went exploring the island. Who knew there was so much fun in our own backyard?




Fresh Biscuits!


Lastly, due to my soup diet I am on the lookout for softer foods for the next few days - what could be better than fresh baked biscuits by yours truly?

What a week so far. Thank goodness BW took good care of me and went to the Wegmans and bought me lots and lots of soup. I’m a lucky guy, tooth or no tooth.


Where Can I Buy a 2.5 inch Hard Drive for Under $50.00 USD

One of the best things about technology is that sooner or later everything becomes affordable and one area where this is especially true is when it comes to hard drive technology. What once was unreachable for the average consumer is now available on sale for under $50.00 depending on the size of the hard drive you are shopping for.

First, we have to determine whether you need an internal 2.5 inch hard drive or an external 2.5 inch hard drive because in most cases they have different uses. Internal 2.5 inch hard drives usually are available as SATA hard drives and are designed to fit in notebook computers, netbooks or some small desktop computers like nettop desktop computers. You may even find a 2.5 inch hard drive in older Apple TV models too.

External 2.5 inch hard drives, are, as the name implies designed to be connected to your computer externally. In most instances, the only difference between an internal hard drive and an external hard drive is that the small portable external hard drives tend to be powered by an USB port and are compatible with Macs or PCs via the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 port. External 2.5 inch hard drives are the perfect solution for small and portable storage when need to move files from computer to computer or just need extra room for your music, files, photos or movies to be stored. External 2.5 inch hard drives are also a perfect solution as a backup drive too.

**Where to Buy Under $50.00 2.5 inch Hard Drives. **

One of the first places I check for hard drives of any size is at Amazon, as the prices tend to be the lowest and there’s always a hard drive on sale. Another place to check for hard drive deals is Crucial, as they too – after years of selling memory upgrades have ventured into the hard drive arena as well. I find that Amazon is my go-to for anything and not just hard drives and I have found it’s really hard to beat their price when it comes to finding the best 2.5 inch hard drive for the best price.

Is 8GB of RAM Enough For Photo Editing?

I think so.

Most notebooks today and desktops too, ship with about 4GB of RAM and so I recommend you double the memory on your Mac or PC to 8GB – especially for photo editing as some of the more advanced processing like sharpening or unsharp mask in Photoshop take a lot of processing and memory power.

Most photo editing software will run fine on less ram, but with 8GB of RAM being so cheap I think if you do any photo editing, even if you’re just using Apple iPhoto, you would be wise to install the additional memory upgrade.

Minimum memory requirements for the photo editing software just means that the software will open on your Mac or PC and all functions should run. But, they don’t say how fast the work will get done, and if you really want to increase the photo editing or post processing process in your photography workflow, an 8GB ram upgrade is a no brainer if you ask me.

Some Macs, like the new MacBook Pros and the iMacs will even accept 16GB of RAM which of course doubles the ram from 8GB to 16Gb and speeds up the process when it comes to photo editing even more.

Adding more ram allows your Mac or PC to get more work done faster and avoid the spinning pinwheel as you wait for your computer to catch up with your current photo editing task or function and with ram prices being so cheap, you can fill your Mac or PC with memory for much less than you may think.  At the time I write this, 8GB is priced about $50, and 16GB runs you double the price at about $100. If you have a new MacBook Pro released this summer – expect to pay a bit more –  especially if you want to max out the MacBook Pro’s ram to the full 16GB – current street prices cost about $175.00 for 16GB of RAM



Crucial Suggests 32GB For My iMac But Apple Says 16GB: Who is Right?

In a way, both Crucial and Apple are correct.

Let me explain:

You see, the Apple iMac last saw a refresh over a year ago, in May 2011and at the time 16gB was the maximum memory supported for the Apple iMac due to the fact that only 4GB memory modules in a 1333Mhz configuration were available and even a year ago it would cost you over $100 for 8GB of RAM for the iMac and a whopping $400 if you bought the RAM from Apple directly.

So, when Apple released the iMac they stated that 16GB was the maximum ram you can buy by upgrading all four available memory slots with 4GB DDR 3 SDRAM sodimms: 4x4GB = 16GB

Fast forward to today where you can buy 8GB memory modules for iMac that were not available at the time of the iMac’s release date, so in this case Crucial is correct because if you were to buy 4x8GB DDR3 sodimms for the iMac from Crucial you’d have 32GB installed.

Is It Safe To Install 32GB of RAM into an Apple iMac

Here’s the tricky part. It’s more than likely OK that you’ll be fine installing 32GB of RAM in your iMac and seeing that the recommendation comes from Crucial and not some questionable seller on eBay I’m going to stick my neck out and say you’ll probably be fine with the 32GB in your iMac. After all, Crucial’s big slogan is that crucial memory is guaranteed to work with your computer.

All this said, because Apple states the maximum of 16GB, that’s where I would stop. Why? Because there’s a good chance your warranty is toast if you install more than the amount of RAM recommended by Apple at the time of release.

I know that personally, with my Mac Mini bought in March, I stopped at 8Gb even though I could technically install 16GB in my Mac Mini I choose not to because I didn’t want to void my one year of Applecare and adding more ram than what Apple suggests could do that. Perhaps when I replace the Mac Mini or the Applecare Warranty lapses I may attempt an upgrade of more RAM.

It all comes down to how comfortable you are with voiding your warranty in the rare case that something may go wrong with 32GB of RAM in a 2011 iMac.

I can’t recommend you go higher than 16GB of RAM, regardless of memory upgrade advice from Crucial.