Hosted by Github Pages for Free

For the past week or so I have been trying to find a solution that would allow me to have a fast website, but still be easy to maintain. You would think that this would be easy, but it seems to be harder than I had thought


My requirements for hosting this site are:

  1. Cheap
  2. Easy

When I first started with websites in the late ‘90’s it was all HTML and static files and then like almost the entire Internet I got hooked on Wordpress. Wordpress has a lot going for it and it’s gotten easy and easier to use over the years but it’s also gotten more complicated with themes and plugins and security certificates needed, etc.

I could just use some managed webhost like WP Engine or Kinsta or even use CloudWays like I have in the past but even though Cloudways was cheaper it still left me with Wordpress and then I would still have to worry about caching all over again.

It’s 1999 Again

I have written in the past about using Jekyll to publish this site and after some consideration I’ve decided to go back. Wordpress has it’s advantages but I was never really been a fan of the fancy and bloated themes and the new ‘gutenburg’ design.

So, enter Jekyll. It’s not the fastest to build the site but I’m not that busy or important that I can’t wait 10 seconds for the site to build. When it’s done building, I just take my local files and ‘push them’ to host my site at github pages because: free.

I have search for other solutions and this is not perfect, as github pages has some limitations but none that I have come across that are a big deal for my needs because all I need to do is write in plain text and then have Jekyll do it’s thing.

For now, this works. In this past I had a need for big complicated databases and scripts but i don’t anymore and this simple static site generator seems to be working for my just fine.

The Baby Monitor

baby monitor

This isn’t a real review as there are others that do the job for me much better, but I just wanted to share how much I actually enjoy this baby monitor. It was a gift - like a lot of the other things that our newborn have and I really did not have high hopes for this thing but it turns out I was wrong.

It’s really a great monitor. I wish it was wireless, because - wires, but other than that it’s been a pretty neat device. It has a slew of features that I will never use like playing lullabies and two way conversations but for keeping an ear out for the baby while she sleeps in the other room it’s pretty fantastic.

The best feature has to be the ECO mode. You can set the sensitivity to when the monitor itself wakes up but unless it does wake up the thing is silent. I have it so that it the baby is just babbling away in bed I won’t hear it or get alerted to it but if she starts to scream then the sound and the video goes on. Not only does the sound alert you to you crying baby but the video tends to light up a dark room just like a phone would and that helps you wake up and see what the problem is.

So far, this baby monitor has not let me down and has been a very good too when raising a newborn.

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Back to Jekyll

I really want to like Wordpress but I can’t seem to let the thought of having a faster site than what is possible go.

google pagespeed

So…I’m back to using Jekyll as the technology that powers this site as the cost ends up being about the same as Wordpress hosting I was paying for but I no longer have to worry about plugins and updates and other stuff I don’t need. I just want to write and post a few images and that’s about it and I can do this with Jekyll.

Back Again with Jekyll


I’m back to using Jekyll, once again.

I have done this so many times I can’t count but I find that using wordpress is just so overly complicated with jetpack and other plugins are just overkill for a blog where I just want to write and add a few links and photos. I don’t need dynamic data or any high powered servers so this is better for me.