2012 Mac Mini RAM

The memory prices below are for the 2012 Apple Mac Mini models:

Apple Mac Mini 2.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i5

Apple Mac Mini 2.3GHz quad-core Intel Core i7

The Apple Mac Mini can be configured to either 8GB or 16GB of RAM. I suggest upgrading to 16GB by buying 2x 8GB DDR3 SDRAM sodimms. See the cheapest RAM Prices for the 2012 Apple Mac Mini below:

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2012 iMac RAM Prices

The following memory and ram upgrades are compatible with:

Apple iMac 21.5 inch 2.7GHz quad-core Intel Core i5

Apple iMac 21.5 inch 2.9GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor

Apple iMac 27 inch 2.9GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor

Apple iMac 27 inch 3.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor

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Caulk Til You Drop

I blame my friend Gord. (and myself)

You see, once upon a time there lived a skinny nerdy guy who loved to live in Condos where others would worry about silly little things like maintenance. For this, he paid a fee to have others do this for him and he thought he would live this way until the day he died.

But then in a land far away was a beautiful wife to be, and he filled out forms and more forms and  any money he had went to maintenance first, and then to saving for the big ring so he could propose to BW and become happily ever after. BW said yes, and the skinny little guy moved into the beautiful wife’s castle:



in a land, far far away…where they love football too much, and the stores are always open and the streets never end.:



One fine fall day, the skinny guy, now happily married and living with the beautiful wife thought it would be nice to have friends over for dinner. Or she  did anyway.

The skinny guy - used to living alone in his spotless and maintentance-free apartment, was not used to such a strange custom. He had never heard of this thing called hosting before. How strange, he thought - you invite others into your home so that you feed them and offer them drinks. This is good money that could be used towards maintenance fees, he thought to himself. But he wanted to see what this custom in the strange land was all about

But, as the skinny guy did not want to upset the BW he honored her wishes and allowed others to enter the castle which he now shared. The guests enjoyed themselves, and thankfully the skinny guy knew how to make coffee for the guests, which the guests seemed to enjoy so the  skinny guy was quite pleased that his first hosting went so well. On the way out BW and skinny guy showered their guests with ebay purchases  gifts and as they were out the door, a guest suggested to the skinny guy that the caulking on the front windows needs to be replaced.

Skinny guy did not know what to make of this strange new custom where you do the work yourself. But the guest assured skinny guy he could rightly so do this strange and unknown task - all he had to do was go to the Castle Home Depot and ask the King of Home Depot about the correct tools needed for this great new adventure.

Skinny Guy, not being married for long at this point, made one mistake, and when he did it he knew there was a reason he never partook in this strange custom of hosting before. You see,  skinny guy made the mistake of telling the beautiful wife that the windows on the castle needed repair. BW asked skinny guy if he might be able to complete this task himself without using the ‘maintenance fee’ he had become so accustomed.

This, my friends is where the story takes a turn for the  worse:  skinny guy stated to BW that he thinks he just might be able to take on such a noble and dangerous task all by himself.  And BW asked him the fateful question: “When?” she asked.

And then,  my friends she did not stop asking skinny guy about this task and it’s completion. Day, after day, after day she asked and asked and asked over and over again “When will you partake in this noble deed?” she asked.

and the next day she asked again.

and again

and again

Skinny Guy was not used to such demand for his talents at castle maintenance before so he was not sure what this custom was. Being  the curious sort, he called others with beautiful wives and the others confirmed that this happened at their castles too. They even had  a term for this new custom. They called it nagging.

But, they warned the skinny guy if he wanted to continue to live inside the  walls of the great castle and not on their couch that he should refrain from using that term in BW’s presence.  They also advised he may want to get used to this as there are many more tasks like this and he should try to stall the work for as long as possible because that’s what BW’s want. Do not attempt  this task in haste, they warned me.

Skinny guy went back to the castle and waited and waited and dreaded each passing day as this task loomed over his head. Finally BW  could  not take the waiting any more and mentioned that if skinny guy did not complete this task promptly, he would be using his  friends couch as his castle. The skinny fellow did not want this to happen as he gets fed well in the BW’s castle and so with great trepidation he ventured out of the warmth of the castle to  complete the task:



Skinny Guy was handed a tube and a thing with a trigger. This was apparently called a caulking gun,but skinny guy had never heard of such things. He worried about his hands , would this stuff make them rough? He worried about being outside when it was under 70 degrees but in the end it all did not matter, his worries - because despite his fears about new adventures and allowing people into the castle  and delivering drinks and food, only to have them critique your castle on the way out -  he knew he had made  the right choice for he would now be allowed back into the castle  as BW was pleased with the results and they both could rest assured that the castle will be toasty warm this winter now that the castle had been repaired.

Also, skinny guy noticed that once the task was completed, the nagging had stopped.  “At least for now” , he thought to himself

The End.





A Few Reflections

Hello Dear Readers… (Hi Dad!)

Remember when this was a daily blog? Yeah, me too. It’s just that I don’t think you really need to see photos of my dinner every night and a lot of the days are really just another day in paradise. Or…maybe you do want to see that I eat well..


We live exciting lives, I tell you - just ask the dog:

Sun Seeker

But the big news this weekend I went outside!  (I was starting to get a little stir crazy in the burbs)

I’ve been housebound for the last few weeks, but i’m on the mend so for fun and excitement we went to:


where we went in for razors and some other little thing and before you know it we’ve got the cart loaded with a slow cooker, 2 huge party packs of animal crackers (hey, dont’ judge me) ands some sweaters for BW so she can go to work all respectable looking like. The touch was over $100 but that’s to be expected in any store like this.. IKEA, Costco - they’re all the same. If you get out of there under $100 you’re laughing.

Oh, We also bought this:


These are our fancy new mirrors that BW said we needed. and when we got home I hear what every man loves to hear: “let’s hang our mirrors’. Now, this is where I get to explain what really happens when we hang mirrors:

BW rips open box of mirrors

I go downstairs to see if we have any small finishing nails and to grab a hammer.

I come back and ask where she wants said mirrors installed.

She replies: “Up a little higher. Now over that way. No, the other way”

We sing this song seven more times  - one for each mirror.

My arms start to hurt because I’ve been holding mirrors above my head.

BW disappears..(this, I am learning is her favorite tactic - ‘we’ means ‘me” - she’ll start then poof,  she’s gone)

I clean up tools

I take photo above to show off my muscular physique.

But, they do look good and now that the mirrors are hung - we decorated indoors a touch too:





But that’s not all..

After our big adventure at Target, we went to the pet store to look for dog treats (they didn’t have ‘em) and on our way out saw..




But the best part is that on the way out BW sees these heating pads for dogs. Yes, you heard right - she wants to buy the dog a heating pad for it’s bed for the winter. I tried to explain that the dog comes with a heating pad - it’s called heated carpet (see photo above) and also have you noticed the dog is wearing a fur coat?!

But hey, what do I know?  It’s bad enough the dog has the best bed in the house (memory foam) but now she wants to cough up $100 for an electric doggie blanket. (sigh)

I guess it all works out in the end.  We all have our interests and priorities:  (picture’s a bit shakey - I was on cup number 6)


But it’s looking like the dog will be the most comfortable one in the house this winter.

Fall Harvest

And with the first frost hitting our area, that’s the end of the road for our very first vegetable garden and so BW went out and harvested our winter’s veggies:


I think we learned a couple lessons in our very first year of gardening:

Tomatoes don’t like heat

Neither do snow peas

or melons

or beets

but.. Green Beans are the answer. They survived our lack of knowledge and we had quite a few harvests and as the photo shows we managed to rescue a few carrots too. We had a whole lot of fun for our $100 worth of dirt.

Lastly, I wanted to share a new photo blog I’ve started. I bought a small little point and shoot to tuck into a pocket and I’ve been taking some pretty neat photos with this little $84.00 wonder and needed some place to hang the results other than my hard drives. These are just snaps of stuff I see. You may see some duplication from here, but not all the time as some of the photos I take are just for the photo and not a blog post. I needed a spot where the photo is the blog post so I started one on blogger. I’d love to be able to post a photo every day. It doesn’t necessarily mean I will make a photo every day but I’ll publish a new one. I would like to keep things timely if I can so I am not posting summer photos in December. I’d love to take a new photo every day but no promises. At one time I was blogging every day, and we all know how that worked out.  You’re welcome to stop by and have a look. 


Until next time…


PS. click the photos to see them large!


Lappin' It Up

I’ve been um, on the injured list  the past week and my dog walking responsibilities have been outsourced the past week to doggy daycare, which is great because the dog comes back to us welll..dog tired. No dog following around, just a carcass on the carpet:


But now that I’m on the mend, the time for me to get out and about again has arrived and thedog and I have some catching up to do because who knows what was going on while we were away, so we laced up our shoes, zipped our jacket and went to see what we could see..



We saw that even the neighbours are younger than me.







It turned fall. I think I missed the memo.




We saw small yellow cars


Mattresses that have seen better days


A shovel that looked perfectly fine to me..



Green on Green


DSCN0269 - Version 2

Old Skool!


manicured lawns


cardboard houses


bikes don’t get stolen in pleasantville.


A dog’s best friend


Lastly, we’re getting new neighbours