Sorry, Wrong Number

This is  what BW wanted to say to me today when I  reminded her that today was our day 2 for our new running regimen. Today we had to run 8x 60 second sprints and then rest for 90 seconds. Nice weather for it today -  cool , but bright today.

BW’s quote of the day: “ I like putting the calories in better”. She will be pleased to know our next run is really just a walk/light jog so should be a breeze.


One Month

Hey, I just noticed I have actually taken/published a photo a day now for one month. I only have 11 more to go for an entire year’s worth of photos here. I usually bail on a project by now due to the fact that my interest has waned but I’m still going strong on this one. Go Figure.

Big Wheel

BW and I have both grown big wheels around our midsections. Something to do with the panettone I think.

So. We need to get fit, and today was the very first step (literally) towards the goal of fitness.  We had thought about joining the new gym down the road but it’s $250 per for an initiation fee plus $50 a month for monthly fees = a lot of money. On the other hand, running shoes are cheap and there’s some road outside we can run on.

We survived the first day today as I found an app for my phone that promises we’ll be running 5k in just two months. The workout schedule is also three times a week so despite the cold temperatures we have no excuse to why we can’t get in shape and get our butts out the door.

Our  first day was  today we just actually had to do a brisk walk for 1.5 miles so it wasn’t too bad but BW was ready for the end of it: “are we done yet?”.

Tuesday we actually start to run. It’s quite possible we’ll both feel we’ve been hit by the truck above by week’s end but we’ve got to do something. And come springtime, we can use the gym membership fees to go towards his and her bikes for summer bike riding.


Put The Camera Down and Help Me With The Tree

As I had mentioned earlier I thought that today might be the day that we purchase the christmas tree and it was. BW was so excited she couldn’t sleep and was awake much to0 early compared to her usual time and once the caffeine kicked in it was “Okay Jimmy, let’s go get the tree”.  So off we went, off to Tim Hortons first, and then to the tree stand up the road.

Of course, BW wanted the expensive tree (now that she has the fancy camera bag, it’s nothing but the best for her) but I talked her out of it by targeting her weakness: food. I suggested we buy the cheaper tree and use the saved money to go for chinese food. (this works every time). Also now that we’ve got the fancy SUV tossing a tree in was much easier.

The tree is up, and now I have to vacuum out dog hair (you know who you are) and pine cones from the car but that’s the price you pay for being a tidy husband.

At least there’s Chinese Food in my future.



White Friday

It should be called freaking cold friday because that’s what it was. 12 degrees when I woke up and not much warmer later in the day so today’s efforts was to bundle up and walk out the front door, grab this photo of the snow and then back indside. Will try to be more adventurous tomorrow. There’s been talk about christmas tree shopping soon…