Let Me Count the Ways

BW’s question of the day: “When are you going to shove the snow again?”

As if twice wasn’t enough today. (And apparently, it isn’t)



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I also saw today our neighbour walking with a dog in a baby stroller. I told the dog not to get any ideas..

Snowed In

Here’s the scene: BW and I are eating dinner and the news announcer comes on the radio: “Snowfall tonight at 3 inches per hour”.

“Whoa!!” we say and hurriedly call family members who were planning on a six hour drive tomorrow morning to come visit that at this point in the game that might not be the wisest choice - even if you do want to see Niagara falls. So here we sit. Indoors, with 200+ Fraiser reruns to go on Netflix and it’s still up in the air whether I have to scrub the tub for company this weekend.

Also, has anybody seen the shovel?  

Say It With Bacon

3 years ago today BW and I met for breakfast. And I haven’t been the same since. ?

So, to celebrate the event instead of flowers, we went for breakfast at our favorite breakfast haunts, Dick and Jenny’s on the island. They also have lunch (BW wanted to go back) and dinner too and it’s all very good. And speaking of all good, it’s a good thing BW said yes to date number 2 or I’d never know about how great both breakfast and married life could be.



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The UPS Guy

The Dog hates the UPS guy. The mailman, not so much but OMG does the dog go crazy when the UPS guy shows up at the door. Also, note to self: clean windows.