Used ThinkPad Buyers Guide

I’ve had a few thinkpads over the past year and have pretty much tested every model (so far I’ve settled a ThinkPad T530) but if you’re sick of spending the Apple tax these are very nice computers for the price. $200 or even less can get you a very nice computer.

> > > > Used ThinkPad Buyers Guide > > > > > > > > Last updated 9 July 2016 > > > > > > > > This Buyers guide covers ThinkPads new enough to fully support Windows 10 with all updates and costs under $500. > > > >

Used ThinkPad Buyers Guide

Macintosh History from the 1980s

From a report on the MacWorld Expo in 1989: One of the most important developments

> > > > Accelerator cards for the Mac, “believe it or not”. This was presumably one of the first time such cards _could_ be developed. Two prerequisites had been met: first, the debut of the “Open Mac” architecture of the Macintosh II a few years previously (March 1987), and secondly a processor advancement (from the 68020 that shipped in the II, to the 68030 in the IIx and SE/30.) Of course, previous closed Macs such as the Plus could be upgraded with special clip-on chips which boosted clock speeds, but 1989 was the first year that accelerators could be introduced based on the Apple-approved NuBus boards. > > > >

Now we’ve come full circle and uprading any recent Mac is pretty much impossible once again

This is a fun site. If nothing else, vist it for the design.


Mac Specs, Prices, Answers and Comparison @ EveryMac.com, Est. 1996

I have used this resource so many times I can’t count.

> > > > Established in 1996, EveryMac.com is the complete guide to every Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad and Mac clone in the world, with technical specs, configuration details, system identifiers, performance benchmarks, and global pricing info. > > > > > > > > EveryMac.com provides comprehensive Mac specs, in-depth answers to hundreds of Mac questions, and detailed Mac identification info. It also has tools to compare Macs side-by-side, lookup Macs by serial number and other identifiers, and much more. > > > >

Mac Specs, Prices, Answers and Comparison @ EveryMac.com, Est. 1996